Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May Update

Well we finally finished Grace's room! It has come together beautiful. Check out what we put above her bed...don't you love it?

Our next project....we will move on to get her bathroom together. We (well mostly Guy) have begun stripping it down from a boys bathroom and getting the border down and patching and sanding walls to get ready to paint.

We are also going to pick someone this month to put the quilt together for Grace. Yes, I am paying someone to do this for me....I am not a crafty one and with the busyness of life I would never get it done and it would never look as good as someone who knows what they are doing. Cant' wait to see it all put together though! Thanks again for all those squares and prayers you have sent.

We had 19 matches this month. Praising God this is 2 months in a row that the average (over past 12 months) matches have increased. We have had 103 matches since we converted our file in December, down to 97 in front of us – so over half way there in 6 months! YAHOO!