Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update on Matches....

Just an update on matches since we transitioned our file over to the "Waiting Child Program". Our MCC (Medical Conditions Checklist) login date is 12/3/08. 2008 was a great year for the Waiting Child Program as they were able to report a total of 223 children placed in the arms of their loving families! 19 of these were matched in December, 2008. CCAI has matched 15 children this month. This is a total of 34 children in 2 months! We were told when we transitioned over to the waiting child program that there were about 200 families in front of us. So this is good progress. It means in 2 months we are down to about 166 families in front of us. That puts us like 10 more months or so away at this rate, knowing that there are many variables that go in to the match, how open the family is in terms of age and special need so it could be quicker or longer depending on how open we are compared to other families waiting and the children that come in to our agency.

The CCAA is closed this week in celebration of the Chinese New Year so next week's matches may be slower. Still we are proclaiming a match could occur for us based on current timelines THIS YEAR - yahoo!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fingerprint Appointment Received! YAHOO!

Well what a pleasant surprise! Today we received our notice from USCIS of our fingerprint appointment. This was less than 1 week after we received notice they got our paperwork. So, we go for fingerprinting on February 17 - 3 more weeks! Yet one more hurdle we have jumped in the process. This one was quick...yes Lord....thank you!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Planning As I Wait...

The wait is such a hard part of this journey. Though as we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel with hopefully having our little one home in about a year (hopefully end of this year - that is what we are proclaiming!) I can actually begin to think about things I can do this year to get ready for her coming home. This is going to be so much fun! I have held off on this up until now because every month as I watched the matches in the traditional program the timing of her coming home got farther away rather than closer. Now that we are part of the waiting child program I can see hope that the time with each passing day is closer and that is exciting! So this week I began to think of the things I can buy for her now (of course some will have to wait til we are matched so we know her age, size etc) but some stuff I can buy now - so I plan to begin sprinkling some of those buys throughout the year to make it real and yet not overwhelming and yes soon begin to get her bedroom and bathroom all setup and ready for her to come home to...I can hardly wait! Kelly are you ready to shop? This could be dangerous! Never been able to buy for girl before!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

Today the kids had a fun day in the snow! Too bad it was melting by noon. We can't wait for Grace to join in the fun!

Receipt/Acknowlegement Notice Received

Today we got our receipt/acknowledgement notice from USCIS. This means they received our I-800A. Next we get our notice for our fingerprint appointment. One step closer....

Joined the Waiting Child Yahoo Group

Well I have joined the Waiting Child Yahoo Group which is a support group. It is comprised of other families that are awaiting match of their child with CCAI as well through the waiting child program. But oh my goodness is there a lot of email exchange..went out of town for the weekend came back and over 200 emails yikes! The families here share during their wait and keep each other updated on matches and travel etc which helps during the hardest part of it all...the wait!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay this week I have been working on organizing all the paperwork we have accumulated along this journey thus far. Since we transitioned over to the Waiting Child I have created a new binder with all our new information related to Parent Training, I-800A Immigration Paperwork, Home Study, Waiting Child Information and so on and so on. So my goal this week aggregate the last binder of information with this one as appropriate and get myself all organized. Yes I have two huge binders full of paper! You know me I can't think straight without it. And yes I have a list and yes it is highlighted...but only as I check off things I want/need to do. You see this way if I stay busy doing a little bit along the way then maybe it will make the wait a little less painful. So this week I chose to get organized.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grace is Blessed with Her First Outfits by Her Aunt Kelly

Well talk about an overwhelming moment today. Kelly calls and tells me she had been to this boutique today and everything was on sale 60% off. Beautiful outfits that otherwise she could never afford. She said she got 3 adorable outfits for Lily and I needed to get over there. Well right now as much as I wanted to I could not justify spending the money though I didn't tell her that. Kelly has been blessed with adorable clothes for Lily from a Friend of hers that has been giving her some stuff from her last child. Grace bless her has nothing yet I thought but she will. Hmm, maybe I will go by there....
Next thing I know Kelly is pulling up in my driveway, about an hour or two later. She walks in with a gift bag crying. (Yes that is how the boutique packages their purchases) I said what is wrong? She said God said this weren't for Lily they were for Grace. We both set and cried. She said I tried to negotiate with God and asked if I could give you one outfit but he said no they weren't mine. She said I even tried to go home and ended up turning the wrong way which brought me here. She said then I thought Grace doesn't even have one outfit and I God has given me the opportunity to bless her, an honor right.
Now are these the most adorable clothes or what? Grace is going to look beautiful in them!
Thanks Kelly for listening to the Lord. I pray he blesses you 10x over for the blessing you were to Grace and I in your obedience. I will share this story with her as I dress her in them the first time and sure the memory will come to mind a bring a smile to our faces every time she puts one on. I love you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Immigration Papers Are In The Mail...

Well as of 1/7/09 our immigration papers are in the mail. This means our homestudy has been updated and approved by our adoption agency, CCAI. It also means our I-800A and all other required documents are completed, copied, compiled and going out to USCIS in Chicago in the morning. Copies also go to our adoption agency in Colorado. So this puts us one step closer to Grace. This step was required before we could be matched. Now it is just God's perfect timing but we can officially be matched. YAHOO!

So what next, we should get our appointment for our updated fingerprints in about 2 months, so early March....

Now we just wait....