Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last of the Easter Photos

Score one for Dad in Corn Hole

Score One for Jonathon in Corn Hole...should we call it even?

This one is precious isn't it...Grace and of friends!

Jonathon giving Uncle Fred some love! They are a trip!

Captures my heart over and over again every day!

More Shots From Easter

Grace enjoying something to drink while chillin in the rocker

Grace lovin on her cousin Drew and his daughter Kinsley

Our oldest son Brandon, and his girlfriend Maggie

Maggie and the boys, Jonathon and Christian chillin, and cousin Drew being a fool

Grace on an Easter egg hunt

More Easter Photos

Me, Guy and Grace Easter Morning

Me and Grace giving some it!

She loved her Easter basket

The look on her face when she saw the Easter baskets

All the Easter baskets

Easter 2011

Well we had a great First Easter with Grace. She is growing up right before our eyes in record speed. By the way, she is potty training and doing fabulous! I just can't believe the changes and growth in her in 8 months...well I will post a bunch of photos, so sit back and enjoy.

waiting on her eggs to dye

Logan ahd his friend Issaic

Grace and her friend this picture

Grace's first egg hunt, took her no time to catch on to this concept!

Look at that eye! Gotta laugh. She followed the Easter Bunny all around, would high five him and wanted to be where he was, but did NOT want to sit on his lap or stand by him...can you tell, I am getting the evil eye!

Wow - Side By Side

I just remembered when I was looking at Grace's photo on the carousel, that I had one of her that they took in China on the carousel. OMG; Look at the change in our precious daughter. I still laugh at the picture taken in China. She has a head dress on and the caption they had with it was "warrior princess". I know this was a prophetic word spoken over our daughter and she in fact is a warrior princess!

A Few More Photos From Carowinds

Striking a pose while she waits for Logan to get off the ride
Logan being a trooper and riding the carousel
Grace loves the Carousel and tells me not to hold on to her or the horse...really!

Grace's First Trip to Carowinds

Our first trip to Carowinds with Grace and she LOVED IT! Enjoy some photos. I think the season passes this year were a great investment.Riding the planes all by herself! Giving the princess wave each time she flies by.
Oops sorry Teddy can't see you. (couple friends of the boys with us) but look at that precious face on Grace with Jonathon!
And the boats....
Driving the cars, and yes she danced to the music as she drove!
Grace not quit big enough but Logan and his friend Christian enjoyed this ride

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What a Weekend

I must say that I have a wonderful husband. He supports me in the much needed time I require occassionally to get away with the Lord and the girls that walk along side me in this journey of life. Oh how God showed up in this place. We walked away with an excitement for what lies in the days ahead and an overwhelming love in our heart for our maker!

What a Weekend

More photos from the party

Here are a few more photos from the party

Grace trying to feed Aunt Kelly icing

The boys watching the game - Logan's oh so serious look

Logan throws in first pitch of the game

Grace enjoying a cupcake

Logan blows out his candles

Logan Turns 10

Logan and his friends enjoy hotdogs before the game
Logan and more of his friends

The gang with Intimidators mascot

Daddy and Logan

Logan's birthday cake

Well we had a great celebration for Logan's birthday. He turned 10 on the 17th of April. We had a party on opening night at the Kannapolis Intimidators Baseball game and then he played a day full of tournament ball on his bday and had some incredible hits, some great plays and topped the day off with 1st place championship trophy and cheesecake! Not bad! Enjoy some photos

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well It Has Been A While...

Well I know it has been a while, life has been busy with the usual stuff, work, school, and kids activities. Baseball season is upon us which is all consuming of our weekends and Grace is a trooper cheering on her brothers from the sidelines. She would rather be outside then anymore so it works out well. Christian even took a trip with the 8th grade to Washington, DC where he had a blast! It was 2 nights and 3 days and he loved his short stint of independence from his parents. Third quarter at school has ended and we are down to 3 projects left and are on the downstretch of the 4th and final quarter of the school year. Will be Christian's final quarter in middle school, as he moves on to high school in the fall. So hard for me to imagine I will have 2 in high school. Where did the years go? Logan and I took a trip to Raleigh yesterday with the 4th grades at his school and thoroughly enjoyed ourself. The pictures to facebook are a must see with our stops at the Legislative Building, The Museum of Natural History, the Capital and the Ride Home crashed on the bus. Enjoy a few more below.

the bus ride there

about time to enter the legislative building

the anthropods at the museum of natural history


One of Logan's good friends