Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grace Bustin a Movie....Hysterical

You are gonna love this, boys caught Grace dancing on their ipod (thanks Lil Christian). Yes she is dancing to "Can't Touch This" - what moves she has!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last of the Shots

Logan hit the hill - of course with a running start
Logan, Grace, Brooke, Jordan, Lauren and Zoe

Grace loved the snow!
Precious Grace

More Snow Shots

Jonathon teaches Grace how to make a snow angel
Jonathon makes snow angel

Grace with Brooke and Jordan who adore her

Brooke and Grace

Grace hits the hill by herself

Enjoy .....

1st Snow of 2011

We had fun on this first snow day of the year. Enjoy some shots. Unfortunatly only a couple of Logan since he was in warming up by time Grace and I made it out with the camera and Christian never came back out.

PawPaw hit the hill - he is beneath the mask I promise!
Nana and Grace

Jonathon and Grace

Nana and PawPaw take Grace down the hill

Jonathon trying to scape off his car

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last of the Discovery Place Shots

Enjoy the last of the photos from our fun day! Lily taking a little time to rock

Grace and Lily loved this car. I will say by the end when Grace wanted to change spots she braced herself with one arm on the side of the car and elbowed Lily with the other...Lily then opened her mouth wide and went to take a big bite out of her, but Grace moved quick enough and we of course intervened. They can be quit intertaining. Grace is getting some money here from the atm.

Before they changed spots the first time, Grace just reached over Lily to get some money...hehe

Grace hits the road and Lily comes alogn for the ride.

The girls in the fire truck

More Photos of Discovery Place

Enjoy some more photos
Grace hops aboard the firetruck and lets not forget the hat
This was probably one of her favorite spots...the grocery store - she could have done this for a long time. She began to use Lily's cart for her overflow.

Lily just seemed to be shopping for drinks this day she loaded up with water and juice.
Grace on the other hand bought the store out, tons of flowers, ice cream, a ton of ketchup and of course mac and cheese. Looks like time to check out.

Yes she is miling a cow - hysterical right?

A Trip to Discovery Place

Kelly and I took the girls and visited with Meliea and her son and LC and Daniel before the returned to China. It was a great time. We went to the new Discovery Place in Huntersville which is designed just for pre-schoolers. Enjoy some of the photos.

Grace playing playing the "pots" - she does this at home too
Very intent as she does some stamping

They all look on and watch the puppet show

Grace and Lily enjoy some water fun

Grace and Daniel loved the train table. Daniel could have stayed there the whole day

Monday, January 3, 2011

A True Miracle !

I want you to see God's hand at work once again! I am blown away at the depth of his hand and how it can reach down to save ONE! Follow me is sure to blow you away and you will walk away with an increased faith in a great great GOD!

September 2006 We began our adoption

October 2008 - I met a lady by the name of LC. She is the one and only person I know now from China. She was visiting here with friends in America on vacation and went to return home and the airlines would not allow her to fly because she was too far along in her pregnancy. Let's make a long story short here

  • LC must find a midwife/Douala to deliver her baby
  • A lady by the name of Meliea is taking a Bible study that I am facilitating (this lady has not taken a class before with me and doesn't even attend our church) - Meliea is the Douala that LC finds through Google - we hear her story - obviously I am moved. She is alone in another country about to have her first baby. She is a single mom. She is from CHINA! So has nothing here. I ask can we throw her a shower....
  • We give her a shower, we give her Jesus! My sister and I share with her our story. A connection forms, a bond..
  • LC and I stayed in contact over the next two years through email. She often shared her struggles and I would encourage her with the love of Jesus. I will never forget one thing she said...when I get your emails I cry and feel very warm inside, why? My response, dear friend that is Jesus.
  • Two strangers - yes- two different homes - a world a way but she came from the land where my daughter would lay her head every night - a piece of me left that day with LC. She had a piece of my heart, but I had no clue how this in fact was a divine appointment, a connection by God.

March 2010 - 1 year and 5 months later we have now accepted our daughter and China has approved us as her parents. I have also found out Grace had been moved from an orphanage in Pingdingshan to a foster care home in Beijing (2 hour train ride away) I remember this too is where LC lives. I thought no way, could it be possible?

  • According to a study done in 2006, it was revealed that there are approximately 69,000 orphans living in orphanages in China - 69,0000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grace is 1 out of 69,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • China is the world's most populous country according to a 2010 report, and as of mid 2008 there were over a 1.3 billion people living in China - 1.3 billion - I know 1 of them!
  • Beijing where Grace and LC were both now living is 6,487 square miles and the population of this city exceeds 22 million according to a 2010 report!

Could God have called us to a country to adopt that has the greatest population in the world? Could he have plucked our little girl Grace out of 69,000 orphans in this country and moved her from her little mining community to Beijing - 6,487 square mile major city...what are the odds she would even know of this place or be close to it right? But we serve one amazing God right!

I contacted LC and she looked them up. They were 10 minutes from her home! 10 MINUTES! Do you hear me? LC contacted them and was able to check on Grace and visit her. Her little boy that we had a shower for that is only 2 months younger then Grace played with my little girl. I got updates on her and so much peace and she was able to love my Grace for me. (Of course until I told our adoption agency and they said this really couldn't we had to stop for political reasons. I would let nothing get in the way of me reaching our daughter so rules had to be followed . I had to follow the rules of our agency and I did. But LC lived in China and was allowed to volunteer at the foster care home just not know a connection with me. No fear, God had done too much here, this was no concidence) but listen to me here God was in this! Do you see this ?

Well Saturday we got to go see LC and Daniel. They are in the states vacationing for first time since she had Daniel and staying with Meleia. LC is in awe of Grace and the difference from the days she saw her at the foster care. (Foster care there is like a mini orphanage - like 20 something children and lots of volunteers). Tears fell as we shared this mighty miracle and once again a woman of no faith from a far away land was not only touched by God but used by God and grew a little more in her love of God. Sunday she went to church with us and was blown away and the way Grace worships and so pulled out her video camera to tape her.

We hope this week to get together one more time before she leaves. I just want to share a little of our story that has me in awe this week of one incredible God. Enjoy the photos below from our visit.

Grace and Daniel playing - are they actually holding hands, I think so.

Me and Grace, LC and Daniel and Kelly and Lily


LC, Daniel and Grace

LC, Daniel, Grace and Lily - I think Grace is saying Lily get back over here and giving her a big tug