Sunday, May 29, 2011

Play Date

Grace had a play date this week with Lily and Abigail and Blake. And me and my friend Tina got to enjoy some time catching up and Kelly got to enjoy some special one on one time with Mason at his end of school year party while I kept Lily entertained. Enjoy some picture.

Otherwise life as usual. We did do some celebrating (over food of course) for both Mason (my nephew) 9th birthday and our oldest son Brandon's 25th birthday. I little serial I reminded him that it was at his age I married his Daddy and we became a family and I immediately became I mom. We had a lot of bumps along the way, but we made it and this gave him much perspective. God did his thing though and redeemed it all and we had much to celebrate. Love you Brandon!

Missing my Christian. He left Friday for a middle school mission trip and will be home tonight.

Happy Memorial Day! We are off to Kelly's to cookout and swim after nap, pictures to come later of that!

Enjoying some time on the swing, Grace, Lily and Blake

Grace of course think she is hilarious!

Is that a look you would trust?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Baseball...EOGs...Baseball...A Broken Knee Cap...Baseballl....Did I say Baseball?

Well these posted in reverse order so best to look at pictures from bottom up on this post (oh well!) Life has been busy as usual but all good stuff. Lots of baseball, that is basically what our life is consumed by this time of year with two boys that play tournament ball. Enjoy some shots below of Logan winning 2nd place in tournament last weekend. In the midst of all that school year is coming to an end and Logan and Christian have been taking EOGs at school.

Jonathon also had an accident. Oh course have to have some drama in the midst right? He was babysitting a couple 9 year olds and tried to jump over the back of the basketball goal playing kick ball in the driveway and landed on his knee cap. Not good, broke it. So now he is in an immobilizer. Swollowed some pride and had to really humble himself for some help. Really hard for a 16 year old who has tasted independence to be so dependent and as you can imagine NO DRIVING is his biggest upset. Back to the doctor in 3 weeks, praying it heals and he can come out of immobilizer, no surgery and that we can head to the beach on June 13...pray him up folks!

Logan and the Blues take 2nd place! Dad one of his coaches (top left)
Logan first one on the left (under Dad) 2nd row.

He slides at home and his "safe"

here he comes...

That determined look...

Oh yeah I can do it, yes I can - and he did!

Okay Just a Few More

Okay so I will post a few more, how can I not!

We gave each of the girls prayer shawls on the last night that had been knitted in prayer and then we prayed over them, spoke words of truth in agreement with their identity in Christ and attached our prayer cards with the shawl so in the days, weeks and years to come they could wrap themselves up and remind theirselves of the truth of who they are in Christ and the great plans he has for them. This was such a joy to do for them and was their favorite part! These girls sleep with their shawls that night and many didn't even pack them up the next day but carried them with them in the car ride home. Thanks to the ladies who knitted these shawls for this group of very special girls!

Did someone say make a crazy face?

or a crazy face?

yes we can be serious if we have to

I love this one as the girls all jump in hand in hand!

An Awesome Weekend of Ministry

The girls enjoyed some fun in the lake

One bringing another before the Lord - beautiful!
The embrace of Kelly's arms as Chelcie hears God encourage her in truth, this picture captures it all! One standing along side as another presses in to reject the lies of this world, shed the pain and embrace truth. This is the body of Christ at work!

Another beautiful picture, these girls laying hands on their sister in Christ and praying!
Well I must say we had an awesome weekend of ministry a couple weeks ago. I took the teen girl Bible study group I had led over the past 5 months away to the lake for the weekend to love up on them and minister to them and just have some fun! My sister, Kelly, and two great friends who I walk this life with and hold me accountable went with me to just give them Jesus. Wow did God show up! I am so humbled and thankful each day God uses broken Christians like me - all he looks for is an obedient heart. Enjoy some photos. Check out facebook for a ton of them. It was hard to limit them here because was such a great time, but these are my favorites, that show the fun and power of God at work.

Monday, May 9, 2011

More Shots From Christian's Tournament

Baseball and ER

Well the Asian/Dragon Boat Festival, Christian's baseball tournament, Mother's Day and
a Trip to the Emergency Room with Jonathon - that would be one full weekend. Jonathon fell Saturday night while he he as babysitting. He was playing kickball with a couple nine year old boys. He broke his knee cap. Visited the orthopedic doctor today an although it is broke, the piece that broke has not separted away from the main knee cap. Let's pray it stays that way. He is in an immoblizer and pretty much out of commission for 4-6 weeks - no fun! Appointment for another x-ray next week to ensure it is healing and the piece has not moved at all away from the knee cap (if that happens it means surgery!). Pray folks for healing, swelling to go down, against the pain and a speedy recovery.

Grace doesn't know what to think with Jonathon getting so much attention, so he plan of attack today...stand in front of his room and pee, then stand beside me and pee. I would say she has a bit of adjusting to do in sharing the spot light, what about you?

Enjoy the photos of Christian's tournament this weekend. He just switched teams and we are so happy, because he is so happy!

Last of the Asian /Dragon Boat Festival

Logan could not pass up the numb chucks

Love this precious shot of Logan and Lily

Asian/Dragon Boat Festival

Grace loved the dragon!

The boat races were very neat to watch

Very cool to run into our friends that we travelled to China with to get our girls. This is Layne and his beautiful daughter

Precious Lily

That look - she kills me!

Asian/Dragon Boat Festival

We enjoyed a great time at the Asian/Dragon Boat Festival held in town. It was a great way to celebrate Grace's heritage. She loved the dragon and her umbrella. The dragon boat races were fun to watch as well. Then we went out for chinese food for lunch to end the day. Great time. My mom came along and Kelly, Morgan and Lily. Enjoy some photos.

This is my favorite!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Few More Game Shots

Enjoy some more shots of the game

Time to high five the other team

Logan high fiving Michael after pitching a great last inning
Logan had a great game today! Go Blues! Enjoy some shots! Grace enjoyed watching from the sidelines with Christian and I, while Daddy helped coach.

Logan's excitement as they were closing out the win the last inning

Logan slides in home - safe!

The run into home in return order

Here he comes

and the hit that took him home

Lily's Bday Party

Grace loved Lily's Mini Cooper she got for her bday!

Lily's Bday Party