Friday, August 31, 2012

Grace's Open House

Grace was very excited to go to her Open House this week since all her brothers and her sister started back to school.  She has Mrs Sharon again (middle) so she was excited about that as well.  Not sure what was said or done that Ms. Rose was laughing so hard in this picture...too funny.  Grace starts back to school Tuesday after Labor Day.  I am actually reducing her from 3 days to 2 days a week because Olivia is going to a private Christian school this year that is part in school instruction (M-T-R) and part home school instruction (W-F) and I didn't want the kids at school on different days. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

Four of the kids started school today.  Grace does not start pre-K until next week.  I can not believe I have 5 kids in 5 different schools and a different schedule every day. I am going to have to be very organized to keep all of this straight.

Jonathon - 12th grade, SENIOR YEAR!  This is as good as it gets for a picture.  He hates his picture taken and is not a morning person so the two don't mix.  Jonathon is taking 2 classes this year at RCCC, the local community college in Criminal Justice (what he plans to major in at college) on MWF and then he takes 2 classes at the high school.  So his schedule varies depending on the day of the week.  Still can't believe my baby boy is a SENIOR!  Just saying next year when graduation comes I am going to be a mess!

 Christian - 10th grade, SOPHOMORE! 
 Logan - 6th grade - FIRST YEAR AT MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Stinks he is starting school with a broken collar bone but he is being a real trooper and is very excited about middle school this year.
Olivia - Kindergarten, FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOL!  This girls was so excited she was giddy about school today.  I love it! She was in school in China and I think missed it.  She loves to do workbooks and learn so I think she is going to love school.  We put Olivia in a private Christian school this year, Hope Academy.  It is a wonderful school and exactly where we felt she was to be.  She will go to school M-T-R and will be home schooled W-F.  There is no homework, just 2 home study days of about 3 hours work a day.  Materials are provided as well as training by the school.  So this will be a first for me too and another attempt at my juggling skills.  I think this will work great with her since she loves to learn.

 the girls hand in hand walking in to school - too cute
 Me and my girl before we said our good-byes

Olivia walked right in, sat in her seat, grabbed paper and marker and began to draw.  Check out Grace's stance?  She wanted to know if when she was 5 she could come?

Grace watching on  Olivia did so great at pick up she was all smiles and talked all about her day!  So glad to hear

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I thought you all might be interested in reading this article.  The Charlotte Observer now has it posted on line.  I am very humbled by this honestly and truly blessed to be called to walk this out.  Many of you have stood with me, supported me or just been there along the way asking and checking on my girls so I thought this article might bring a smile to your face.  It is an article that was written about our journey to China for Olivia and Grace along with my sister and her and Freds journey - right beside each other!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Horseback Riding

We celebrated my niece Morgan's birthday Saturday at the barn with horseback riding .  Kids had a good time but as you can see from Grace's face she said it was way to bumpy on that pony. They had fun on the horse swing and the sand pit.  Big boys walked around in the ring and did a trail ride.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Photos of Olivia

I can hardly believe the growth in this little girl in 6 months.  She has been with almost 6 months and has grown so much physically, emotionally and academically.  She is a smart little cookie and is fluent in the English language!  She came to us timid, sensitive and a little unsure of attaching to mom or knowing boundaries with others. Although she is still or sweet tender girl and we love that about her she has become more balanced and strong.  She and I have attached and loving each other is natural and not forced and she knows who she is and whose she is!  This little girl holds more joy in this little body then most anyone I know.  She ALWAYS has a smile on her face.  She is sensitive and kind, obedient.  Not only did she get a new family at the age of 5 but she moved across the world, had to learn a new language and heck she even underwent a big surgery.  She is very easy little girl to raise.  We are so blessed to have her in our life.  Look at our girl 6 months later, now 6 years old and a week away from starting Kindergarten.

 this was what we dedicated Olivia in

Friday, August 17, 2012

Grace -Blow Your Mind Crazy

Okay here are Grace's 4 year old pictures (she will be 4 this month - wow time goes fast!).  But first as I was looking at one photo of Grace I remembered one of the pictures I got of her when we were matched she was in the same position so I pulled it up...blow your mind crazy...check these top two photos out.

My beautiful spunky girl that keeps me laughing every day gosh I love her so much, never knew there was this much more love inside me to feel!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Beautiful Girls

So I took the girls to get their 4 year old (Grace) and 6 year  old (Olivia) pictures made.  I also wanted some of them together (which by the time we got there Grace was done - she was making goofy faces, sticking her tongue out at camera - you name it crazy girl!) but we got some good ones  I also wanted to get some done of Olivia in her Chinese dress that we had her dedicated in.  So today I will post one of me with the girls and the then some of them together then the individuals of them will come in the days to come (too many to post at once).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Little Pandas

So we had a great time Saturday with our friends in the area that have adopted from China.  We have a local group of families that have adopted from China and the group is called "Little Pandas".  We celebrate Chinese holidays together, and just get together so that the children will know and celebrate their culture and who they are along with others from their home country.  It was a great time.  My sister Kelly and her family hosted us and we grilled out and the kids swam. A great way to end the summer break before kids head back to school in a couple weeks.
 Jonathon and my nephew Mason

 Olivia and my niece Morgan.  This was Olivia's first time in the pool since her surgery in June so she was very excited and didn't leave the water.

 Logan and one of our friends Caiya.  This little girl is the one that softened Logan's heart for China.  He loves her and she adores him too.  Caiya and Grace are both heading off to Pre-K this year.  Grace will only go 2 days a week this year though. 

 Grace and her friend Braelyn.  Love this family.  Braelyn and Grace took gymnastics together earlier this year.  Braelyn is one year younger than Grace.  We are excited though she will be at Grace's preschool this year!

 The gang enjoying the water.  We had 6 of our families in the group there so a pretty good turn out considering summer is such a busy time.

 Logan and Taylor.  Taylor has 2 older brothers so she is tough little cookie.  Taylor will be starting Kindergarten this year just like Olivia.

Christian and my nephew Liam and Braelyns (above) big brother Emmett

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Discovery Place Kids

It has been so busy around here with life as usual but Friday I took a time out from the business of life and spent some time with the family.  We started with Olivia's 6 year old check up.  Our girl is 44 lbs and 44 inches.  She is doing great.  I then took the girls to have their 4 year old and 6 year old pictures made (post them later).  Logan was a good sport and joined us so he got to pick where went to lunch - he picked Mexican yum!  My sister and her little ones met us there and then we headed to Discovery Place Kids.  This was Olivia's first visit there and they all had a blast!

Olivia takes a ride on the boat
For those that know Grace know she loves cars so when she saw she could work on a car here she was in heaven.  Yes my girl is changing a tire.
and some time under the hood; by the end of it all 4 of them were over there under the hood
dolphin time
After summer off of gymnastics Olivia was excited to see the balance beam
would you believe this girl had a tethered chord repair less than 2 months ago-check her out

Guy and I finished the day by celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary with a date night - dinner and a movie.  It was a great day!