Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grace Tells the Nannies Bye

More Photos ...

A few more photos - I know you all have been asking for them...

Another Day In Zhengzhou

Well we are on day 4 in Zhengzhou.  Not a lot to do here.  It is very hot!  Yesterday we went to the registration office (this is where we got Grace yesterday), but today we went to finalize paperwork and legally become her parents.  I was nervous that it would bring back the memory of her nanny leaving her since she had a hard time initially, but she did fine.  Are you ready for this...we are standing there waiting on the Chinese official to call her name "Zhao Xin Yao"  - I know it well now!  When this is done, they hand you the legal adoption document and you take a photo with your child, the document the Chinese official and in that moment we would become Grace's mommy and daddy legally.  My emotions were rising as names were called....I was holding Grace (okay I am crying again).  All of sudden (she has not ever done this before to us), she grabs both my cheeks with her hands, opens her mouth wide and kisses me right on the mouth and says momma and then hugs my neck.  I was toast, then...they call our name ....it was as if she was saying in her little way I love you mommy.  Then  Guy said what about me can I have a kiss and she gave him one too.  The highlight of my day!
From there we went to the notary office and finalized the last leg of paperwork for the day.  It was on the 6th floor - lots of stairs to climb.  No ac anywhere except hotel so was hot!    Came back for lunch and then Grace and I napped as did Kelly and Lily.  The guys went shopping for a few things we needed.
Not much on the selection of foods, we chose the hotel again, and had hamburgers.  Afterwords we had a party in our hall with the kids, there were about 5 of them playing.  Lily was there and 2 of Grace's friends from The Angel House.  One of them really struggling so pray for her and her parents.  They are strong Christians but really need strength from God  and their little girl to bond.  Their daughter is really grieving.  But when she saw Grace who is known at Angel House as Yao Yao (pronounced Yow Yow) she called her name and laughed.  She even gave her a big kiss when she left.  Teagan the other little one lights up when she sees  Grace.  Grace seems to be the one who "takes care of, looks after them" she hears them cry and she watches and wants to console them.  Teagan is doing great too. 
Some things about Grace
  • Grace's personality is a trip! 
  • She loves to run from you and see if you can catch her. 
  •  Her laugh is contagious. 
  • She is silly and other parents have said she must have been the life of the party. 
  • She is very smart too, she seems more interested in figuring out the toys and how the work then playing with them. 
  • She repeats words when I say them or copies the things I do. 
  • She loves to take her shoes off and have you put back on
  • She loves scrambled eggs and watermelon and M&Ms and chocolate.  Have to leave them read to keep her from finding snacks and have to hide the M&Ms
  •  She is going to love Molly and Hunter (our dog and cat) because she loves those photos in her book. 
  •  She grabs the boys faces on the screen when we skype them. 
  • She waves bye-bye
  • She blows kisses and face plants big ones on your face with wide open mouth
  • she says momma and papa( for daddy)
  • She is very possessive of her mommy.  Lily ran to me and jumped in my lap.  Grace ran over and said no-no and pushed her away and sat in my lap and said momma.  Too funny! Lily didn't miss a beat - she just did it again!
  • she gives great laugh

Today is a free day.  We had breakfast and kind of chilled at hotel. Grace fell asleep on my shoulder while I was chatting with another mom, so when she wakes we will go down for lunch and see what we can find to do.  It is so hot out there not sure if we will venture down to the park, and it is not a real safe thing walking around here, traffic is insane!  She loves it outside, though she is sweating and we feel like we are gonna die!  May try out the pool.   Check in more later...


Enjoy the photos


Oh and keep praying for my boys, especially Jonathon as it is hard to be away from each other! 


P.S.  Your posts melt my heart, I weep as I write them.  Thanks for loving us so much!

Monday, June 28, 2010

More Photos From Gotcha Day!

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For...GOTCHA! Meet our daughter, Grace Ann-Xin Fisher!

Well the moment you have all been waiting for.  We got our Grace this morning.  I can not even begin to articulate this moment for us.  I am again crying as I type this.  She is beautiful!  We got up this morning and left to get them around 9:30.  There were 5 orphanages bringing children.  You waited on them to arrive.  Ours was the third one to arrive.  I of course was in tears the moment I laid my eyes on her.  She cried for a while.  My heart broke for the transition for her.  I know although we have loved her for 4 months now, she did not know us. A room full of strangers and crying babies.  Her nanny was there too who had cared for her for 18 months and loved her, so that made it hard too. Her nanny was crying, Guy and I and Grace were crying, we were all a wreck.  We took some pictures with Grace and the nanny.  I told her thank you.  She loved on Grace and left us with a bag. The bag was full of things from diapers, formula, wipes, juice, snacks and clothes to the outfits we mailed, our photo album and the 2 cameras we sent (full) for them to take photos.  They also got a fax while we were there from the hospital and will get it translated for us this week.  They gave us medicine for her wound as well.  And the most precious thing they gave us was a scrapbook they made of her life there, full of photos and notes from her caretakers, and a note from Eva Deng, of the Angel House, asking for us to update her. Yisha, our CCAI rep is going to translate for us later this week.  I just set and wept reading it.  In the middle of the scrapbook they quoted scripture ...in China!  They quoted from Corinthians... "Love is patient, love is kind, love is not envious or boastful, arrogant or rude, it does not insist on its own way, it is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth, it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never ends". Our God has held her in the palm of his hands no doubt about it !  Thank you Jesus!
I finally soothed her and she fell asleep in my arms.  It was then time for pictures for registration documents.  They had to be awake and not crying.  She did great!  She woke with no tears.  She goes to either me or Guy.  Some children are going to either one or the other. Grace is doing great! We came back to the hotel around 12:30pm.
It was lunch time.  Kelly and I changed the girls and went down to eat at the hotel.  She did good.  Sat up in the highchair and ate rice, carrots, roast beef, and watermellon.  She really liked the carrots and watermellon.  After lunch, she held me and Guy's hand and walked with her squicky shoes to the elevator and to our room.  She is a fast walker.  She played some with her toys and then it was nap time.  She did not want to lay in crib so I tryed to lay with her, she wanted Guy, so the 3 of us layed in the bed and she fell asleep on his chest.  Precious. 
We just took turns at the document meeting getting all our forms signed for registration and notary tomorrow.  Grace is still sleeping.
She is beautiful and wonderful and tomorrow she is legally ours and we are legally hers!  I can't wait for you all to meet her! 
We will be skyping with the boys in a few hours, they and mom are on pins and needles to see her!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today We Travel to Zhengzhou

Today we began our day by boarding a plane and heading to Zhengzhou.  We arrived around lunchtime and were met by our CCAI reps who are great! We got some additional information on Grace.  As you all know Grace's wound has not healed.  We are told that the drains were taken out too early.  We pray this is all that it is and we can resolve this easily at home.  Because they had on the Q&As asked by CCAI that she needed to go to hospital when she gets home they asked to explain and this is what they were told. They were also asked if the Angel House would send somone to speak on Grace's behalf since they cared for her not the orphange.  The normal protocal is the orphanage gives you the child not the Foster Care Home.  Angel House agreed to send someone.  We are extremly blessed that she is loved this much.  Her care taker for the past 18 months is coming to share with us and answer questions about Grace.  I am in awe..other mom's were in tears.  In the Q&As here are some things we were told about Grace you might find fun:
  • She gets along well with others
  • She is very active
  • She often grabs toys from others
  • She loves to climb to high places
  • When she is fussy, they hold her and give her some snacks
  • She is very brave and so they have never found her afraid of anything
  • She can walk very well
  • She likes animals
 We went to the hotel and had lunch and then went to the bank to convert our money.  After that we had a suprise shower for one of the ladies in our travel group.  She is adopting a little boy, her 5th child.  She had only ever had a baby shower for her first so 4 of us who have been chatting together on our yahoo site threw her a mini-shower.  See photo.  It was fun! 
Then we went to Walmart and picked up some things for the babies. There are two families in our group who still have not received their luggage and so by this point with getting their babies tomorrow and none of their stuff they are devastated.  So some of us all chipped in had a shopping spree for their babies at Walmart and gave them the gifts...they were overhwelmed and in tears as were we all in this moment.
God is moving in a powerful way.  We have an incredible travel group and have bonded so well. There are so many testimonies to the faithfulness and love of our God in the lives of these families and their call to these children.  These orphans, with special needs, who had not hope...we are going to change this, we are going to make the differernce for 14 babies beginning tomorrow.  I can hardly contain myself!
Oh and some things you will only see here in Walmart in the China:
  • raw meat unwrapped for purchase in the meat section
  • including; chicken feet and pigs hooves
  • tons of children here and everywhere in China with split pants.  Pants for little boys that are potty training...no underware, just a big split that their bottom hangs out of, they just squat and pee
  • or like today in Walmart, one peed in a trash can in the isle and another little boy right in the middle of the floor

The shopping experience is always and adventure and lots of things to see that have never seen before.

 By this time it was 9:00 so we had dinner at the hotel, Italian and then called it a night. Just got through unpacking the bags and getting papers, monies and gifts together for our big day tomorrow.  Ended the evening being able to chat with Jonathon on Skype which I was thrilled about since haven't talked to him in a week. Guy is knocked out asleep.  I am exhausted but  wondering how I am going to sleep from the excitment....tomorrow around 10:30am we get Grace! 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fw: Photos From Last Day In Beijing


Last Day in Beijing

Well today was our final day in Beijing and we stayed very busy.  We began our day by climbing the Great Wall.  OMG that about killed me!  Then we went to the Jade Factory.  Bought some nice jade braclets.  Lunch was good we ate at a restaurant at the Jade Factory. Then we went to Birds Nest where the 2008 Olympics were. This was neat.  Michelle and Megan in our travel group have the other two girls that are at the Angel House with Grace and we have a picture of the 3 of them together there so we took a picture of the 3 of us there too!  We then went to an Acrobatic Show which was really good.  Dinner tonight, KFC.  Tired now and ready for bed.  Enjoy the pics.  Tomorrow morning we leave out early - leave hotel at 7:30am to catch our flight to Grace's province.
Pray for my Logan, he hit his head at the pool yesterday and it is bothering him. Pray also for my Jonathon who is coming home a few days early from his mission trip homesick.  All this has me a little (well a lot nerved out)  It is very hard being a world away and not being able to love them when they are struggling.  So this has my nerves (and my stomach) tore up.  So please pray for peace for me and for my kids and for me to stay healthy and enjoy the rest of our trip. 
Two more days til we meet Grace

Friday, June 25, 2010

Update on Grace

They posted a few more pictures of Grace yesterday; gets us even more excited to see her in 3 days...isn't she just precious!  Especially the one of her holding up her shoes!  Love her to pieces!  Guy is afraid he is goign to melt right there in the floor when he sees her.

Our First Day In Beijing

Well today we started out with a good "American" breakfast at the hotel.  Of course there were things on the buffet I wasn't eating but lots I could.  All good here until about end of my meal when I heard a man hock up something, I thought I know that was not what I think it was, of course automatic reaction was to turn my head...mistake ...I will save the details but I began to gag and my meal was done from that point.
Then we went to the Forbidden City and Tienanmen Square.  Was a little serial because I have pictures of Grace that were taken there.  Lots of walking and very hot, but interesting information on the culture and history of the Chinese dynasty.  Okay and yes it is true it is a rare thing to find a bathroom as we know it.  The bathrooms do NOT have commodes or toilet paper.  So best bring your own TP and the bathroom is a "squatty potty" basically a hole in the ground that you squat over. Ok yes I went in and thought I could use it but the "femine" products laying face up in there about caused me to puke.  I couldn't' go through with it.  I tried another stall and even worse, not only femine products but also yes someone had left "number 2" I thought you have got to be kidding me.  I was holding out for door #3  - yes I managed to pull it off so I could say I experienced it, but about slid across the floor in the urine, the squatty potty is not for us American women I will say that.   Gross I know, but wanted you to feel like part of the experience.
Then off to lunch.  My stomach was rocking about the time we got on the bus and I was lucky the bathroom there had a commode and TP-the Lord was watching out for me there big time!  I took pepto and just stuck to rice and sipped a diet coke, or Coke Lite here.  I was proud of Guy he did better here at eating some of the foods.
Then we went by the silk factory and learned about how they make  silk  and could shop.  It was interesting but I did not purchase anything, waiting for Guangzhou.
Last stop, Hutong.  We did these bike rides.  The man drives a drawn buggy on a bike threw an area of town.  Got off for two stops along the way.  One a popular hangout - clubs and so forth people hang out at during the evening.  Also toured a home. 
Ended our evening with meal at Pizza Hut..stuck to the cheese pizza.
Tomorrow we go jade shop, Great Wall of China and an acrobat show.  More details on that tomorrow...pray for settled belly.
3 more days til we meet our Grace!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photos From Our Last Update - Arrive in Beijing

We Have Arrived Safely in Beijing, China

Thought we would let everyone know that we have arrived safely in Beijing. The flight was not too bad, was able to sleep some and watch some movies. Guy slept I would say 11 of the 14 hours - only Guy can sleep like that on a plane. It was nice traveling the long flight with Kelly and Fred and business class sure added to the comfort. Our flight attendant was very nice and presented Kelly and Fred and Guy and I with a bottle of champaigne and wrote us a poem on a cloth napkin - ours read like this "Proud Mommy and Daddy of New Baby Girl. Congratulatins from your crew flight 897 6/23/10 United. Yeah Yeah YIP What a Trip What a Whirl A Baby Girl". We shared our blogs so she too can follow along.

Once we arrived we met up with 4 other families at the airport in our travel group from other places across the United States (SC, New Hampshire, Colordo and Florida) the SC family was actually from Rock Hill which was neat; 3 of the families already had one little girl from China and this was their second adoption. George (not sure his Chinese name, but he says call him George) is our CCAI (our adoption agency) and has been very helpful. He still had 3 more trips back to the airport over the course of evening to get other families coming in.

Once we got checked in we walked across the street and ate at a Chinese Dumpling Restaurant. They were not bad, the fried ones were the best. Not sure what was more enjoyable the food, or Guy trying the dumplings. Guy is not very adventerous on what he eats and is just a meat and potatoes kind of guy so this is going to be very interesting for him. His facial expresssions, comments and the way the dumpling made its way into a napkin had the 3 of us hysterical. He seemed to have no problem with the beer here though and stuck to a liquid dinner. It was also quit comical trying to communicate with a waiter that does not speak english when we don't speak any chinese. He was very taken back though at the tip we left, modest $5 but they don't tip here at restaurants and he was very very apprecaitive and surprised! Meal for 4 and 4 beers; $25 US dollars.

Then we ventured over to the grocery store, which is located in the mall, interesting. Very different things you will see in their grocery store. Kelly and I had to go check out the meats and produce. The grossiest thing to me was the "penis" you can order at the deli...OMG! I did not bother to see "whose". The smell itself about took me out. We got some diet cokes and waters and headed back to the room for a good night sleep. Can't drink the water here, hard minerals our bodies not used to would make us sick, so even have to brush teeth with bottled water.

We slept well, now off to get ready for a big day of tours. Today we tour the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Hutong and Birds Nest (where Olympics were when here in China). Should be a fun day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Leaving on A Jet Plane...

It is finally about to happen! I have been spinning in a world wind of details, logistics, packing, organizing, and planning. It has been wild, but I think I am about there. We are all packed and ready to go. Work is wrapped up. Kids calendar of events for the next 18 days is organized. And I have managed to squeeze in some quality time with them on top of it all, riding the Virginia Creeper, catching some movies, and pool time. I am going to miss them tremendously! They are growing up so fast. They are doing better with it then me or Guy. It is worth the price of time for what we are bringing back, the little sister they have waited for for 3-1/2 years.

So we leave out tomorrow morning...bright and early (stop laughing those of you who know I am not a morning person, just the one of the many sacrifices I will be making over the next few weeks. We are flying United. We leave out of Charlotte at 6:00am, fly through DC and get to Beijing, China on Thursday, June 24 at 2:20pm We were able to manage a great deal on business class so we should be able to fly in comfort. Pray for smooth flight and that we get some rest.

We will get Grace on Monday, June 28. Our "Gotcha Day".

We will return home on Saturday, July 10 at 11:14pm. This is the moment the boys will be so excited for! This is their "Gotcha Day"!

So folks in less than 24 hours we will be on our way to China. In 5 more days (they are 12 hours ahead of us) we will be holding our daughter...I am overwhelmed at the thought of it.

So what can you do?

Pray - first and foremost for Grace's healing. Her wound is still leaking. Secondly for Grace's transition. We know God planned long ago for us to be her mommy and daddy. Pray she knows it too and the transition and connection are easy for her. Pray for safe travels, and for our kids back home to be safe and patience and peace for my Mom who will be caring for my kidsd and Kelly's. And, pray I can eat without being sick..pray Guy and I stay healthy too. Lastly, pray for us and the boys to do ok with being apart....and anything else the Lord leads you to pray.

I am overhwelmed that some of my friends have decided to stop where they are at 7:00pm each evening to lift us in prayer. We are 12 hours ahead so as they are closing their day in prayer, they will be lifting our day which is about to begin in prayer. I am truly blessed.

I ended my last prayer asking for God's faithfullness in our finances and a miracle in this area, let me just say this, God opened the floodgates of heaven eand provided a miracle here too.

I hope as you have shared in our journey you have seen the faithfullness of our God. Never ever stop dreaming. I dreamed big for Grace. I thought it was too big. My dream is about to come true. Nothing is to big for God. Remember he puts those desires in our heart (we are not selfish) they are there to drive us to our calling. Then he gets to show up big and bless us. HE is still in the miracle business I am proof of that. Little ole imperfect me, is loved by a big perfect God and so are you!

Follow along ,we will be updatign the blog while we are gone with all our stories and yes PICTURES!

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Photos

Well I have to say I needed today’s post that I found with updated photos of Grace.  I needed to look at my precious daughter and remind myself why we are doing this.  We had our travel call today and once again were surprised at the increase in costs for this next step.  Over the past 3-1/2 years things have increased in price a lot, probably by like 30%.  It was yet another blow to us financially.  We are trusting God as we know that we are called to this little girl and he is a God of favor and a God of his promises.  So please prayer warriors pray for finances and pray for this beautiful little girl Grace.  She is having some problems with her wound not healing from the last surgery.  Pray for a healing touch from our Lord.  We are eager to bring her home, to love her, to hold her and to care for her.  We don’t believe she is in any pain and God has done in a big work in her, a miracle type work, join us in prayer please as we still need continued healing for our precious Grace.  We are holding on to God’s word that he brings all things to completion….our daughter coming home and her healing!


These beautiful pictures today have to bring a smile to your face.  I know I am a little bias as her mommy, but come on she is adorable!  Here is what they said about her with the photos.


Grace becomes the head of the kids after Benjamin (he is the little boy who left a week ago) left. She is very active and proactive, hitting and running (a Chinese expression to show how active and proactive a kid is), just like Benjamin when he was here. We still feel sorry for the wound on her neck. We hope that after she goes back to her family, she will soon completely recover with the help and love of her dad, mum, and her brothers. Grace is very happy. She has four brothers who love her. Her family has prepared a little princess bedroom for her. We believe that she will become a true princess and the precious pearl of her parents.”


Folks they have seen her photo album I sent and looked and saw she has 4 brothers, they saw the pictures of her room and the “Princess” above her bed! 


Leaving for Grace in 12 days…and counting!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Travel is Final

Well it is official. Our flights are booked. We are leaving out bright and early June 23 at 6:00am. We will arrive in Beijing China on June 24 at 2:20pm. Kelly and Fred will be on the long leg of the flight with us. We will fly home on July 10th and get home very late 11:14pm. The boys and PawPaw are so excited about meeting us there. Grace will meet her other brother Christian in Cooperstown on Sunday (which is where we will be heading after we fly and change out our suitcases - driving through the night). It will be a long couple days but all worth it! We are so very excited!!!!!!!!!!

So as you can imagine we have been workign on logistics, logistics, logistics. It is amazing how many things you have to get in order before we leave plus to ensure that 3 boys are taken care of with their busy calendars while we are gone. Logan and Christian will be in baseball and basketball camps some so that will help. Jonathon will be on his first mission trip so that will be great too. Just a long time away from my boys. We plan to SKYPE while we are gone though, we are all excited about that.

I am thrilled that we will be traveling with Kelly and Fred and get to bring our girls home together. After such a long wait it is hard to believe this is about to happen! I real dream coming to fruition. Heaven is about to invade earth folks!

I am also very excited about some others that are in our travel group. I have been talking with 3 other mom's whose children are with Grace at the same foster care. One mom got home a week or so ago with her son. The other two mom's and I get to travel together to get our girls. These girls have grown up together and now get to take this journey together too. Us moms have connected to through email during the wait and are so excited about actually meeting each other. You can see their picture attached.

Well more to come later we get our final travel packet and have our travel conference call with our group tomorrow at 3:30pm

Friday, June 4, 2010

We Are Going To China...

Okay everyone it is official. We still have to book our flights but we are going to China. It is really about to happen. My head is still swimming; just in tonight at 11:00 from 2 days in Wilmington with Christian on a field trip and leave out at 8:30 in the morning for 2 days in Greenville for Jonathon's swim meet so flights not booked yet...but hope to have done this weekend. We are flying out June 23 - home July 10. Yes it bumps into our Cooperstown trip some with Christian and we are bummed about that (been a very emotional day, cried a lot) but trusting God in this. We will fly in and head straight out to Coooperstown - back from all the travels the 16th of July.

So in 19 days we will be in flight to get our baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for peace and order in these next days and for God to prepare Grace as well as Guy and I for our big day! Also for peace for the boys. We have a lot of emotions and logistics and need to feel God with us. It is a long time to leave our boys. But we will soon all be together. Okay I am rambling I am exhausted and heading to bed!

Thank you God for bringing us to this last leg of our journey!