Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Blessed...

I must say I am so humbled God would call me to lead a ministry that I am so undeserving of yet so excited to be a part of.  It is not because of who I am at all but because of He that is in me.  I have to cling to Jesus every step of the way as I walk this adventure, this journey this call on my life out. I am so excited about it. God has showed up already in so many ways and so many times.  As John the Baptist said Jesus has reminded me many of times in this journey "less of you more of me Dawn", tough words to hear but very necessary for where he is taking me.  Oaks of Righteousenss Ministries was founded by my sister Kelly and I in 2010.  We are so blessed that God has given us the most amazing friends and sisters in Christ to walk this journey with us because they believe in our mission, they feel called themeselves and in joining us they also began to walk out their God given dreams...our dreams collided and we are making history with HIM!  We put on our first retreat in March of 2011 and wow did God blow our minds - the weekend was AMAZING!  We just cant' outgive God.  We will be putting on our next retreat Sept 14-16 please prayerfully consider joining us.  Below are some updated photos that Bella Photography was gracious in doing for us. I just love them. Meet some of my bestest friends in the world, a group of ladies that love the Lord who all they are and love loving up on others in His name.  Meet the Oaks of Righteousness Ministries Team

                                                         Me and my sister, Kelly

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pool Time

The girls and I hit the pool this morning for some fun.  It is our first time for the season because we have simply been so busy.  Olivia was a bit fearful but you know me I made her face it head on and well below is the result.  It is tough for Guy to watch me be so hard on her sometimes until he sees the result.  I know I could use a pinch of understanding there too she hasn't been to a pool before (other than our time at Great Wolfe Lodge) from what she tells us.

our little fish-Grace

and our little minnow - we will get here there; check her out with the 3 flotation devices she needed to embrace the water without gripping hold of one of us.  We will shed one at a time this summer

aren't they cute?

adorable little thing isn't she....

and Grace scaling the wall

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Boy Was On Fire This Weekend!

My middle boy had a local tournament this weekend and let me just say he was on fire!  You know one of those weekends where everything goes right.  It was beautiful to see for him.  He pitched fantastic, hit incredible and was making play after play.  Was so glad they made it to the championship game and I was able to make it - and they won!  It is hard with the girls to camp out all weekend at the games with naps and church and this weekend a birthday party too, but this championship game was great and we took away a win!   Enjoy some shots.  Not the best with glare from sun where we were sitting but you will get the gist.

Oh course the girls insisted I take pictures of them too...Olivia loves her picture taken

Grace of course too

play at third

now that was a hit he made look easy

running to catch a pop up - yes he caught it

coaches talk to the boys; i think they have good reason to smile

and laugh, it was a long day - but ended great!

team shot

check out the shirts these boys got for winning - gott a love it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Preschool Year Is Over

Yesterday we celebrated with Grace at the end of the school year party.  They also celebrated all the summer birthdays (which Grace was a part of - thus the bday hat!).  It has been a great year.  She had amazing teachers that loved her so well and taught her so much. Her growth still blows me away. We are going to miss you Mrs. Sharon and Mrs. Donna, but we will see you around church. Bye bye 3's - hello 4's!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Olivia Pediatric Urologist Visit

Olivia had her first visit to the pediatric urologist this morning and all went well.  It was great to hear that the spina bifida does not appear to have impacted her kidneys or bladder. Both looked normal. We will go back every 3-5 years just to check in and see how things are going but all looked good and normal.  The doctor watned to get a bladdder pressure test for a baseline so just wanting to see if pediatric neurosurgeon wants it before her June surgery or if can wait to do after.  Great news!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Weekend of Baseball

Well now that high school baseball season is over we have moved into summer tournament ball and this year the team Christian is playing with that also means some travel.  We are in for one busy summer with two boys playing ball. This weekend was a local tournament so that was nice especially since  Guy was at men's retreat this weekend and I was juggling it solo with the two girls in tow.  Also fortunately we only had Christian in a tournament this weekend or I would have been crazy!  Enjoy some shots from the weekend.

I love this shot even though not a swinging shot, love the ball in view

and this one with dust coming off catchers glove

clearing the bases

getting ready to make a play

He is on it - he loves third base

amazing that third base arm

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sweetest Girls Ever!

So today at the ball field I looked over and Grace was giving Olivia a big hug and kiss. I had to laugh.  They proceeded to share the love and I took a few quick shots.  Her Olivia decided to share the love Grace was dishing out with a big kiss...Grace's face is like aw shucks Olivia!

Two happy little girls

This is my favorite - so so sweet; look at that tight hug Grace is giving Olivia and Olivia gives her a sweet kiss. I am telling you it blows my mind how much they  truly love each other.

and then there is where Grace hugs her to the ground - notice Olivia's face like omg Grace don't hurt me

she is laying a big kiss on the cheek her - look at how she is holding Olivias face and all and Olivia just laughing

Post pictures soon of Christian's tournament.  It was kinda nice to sit at the field this week even though there were a million other things I could have been doing, honestly I am just flat tired (thus the lack of posts the past couple weeks).  School is really busy now with all the EOGs at elementary school and the upcoming EOCs in high school and the crunch for my two older boys to buckle down in a couple classes here in the last minute where their grades are less then to be desired.  Lots of pressure on them and momma here and a lot of work being crammed in this last month. I will be so glad when June 8 comes and we are on summer break...though I am sure I will come July be ready for them to go back to school, right now this momma needs a break from the homework about as much as these kids.  Our weeknds are pretty much filled with baseball.  We did manage to go see Avengers on Mothers Day - it was  a great movie!  Even had a funeral in the midst of it all when my best friend's grandmother passed away.  He was a great man who lived a long 90 years and now is dancing in heaven with his bride!    Busy busy busy......

Oh and one more plug, if you are longing for refreshment, renwal and just an encounter with the Lord along side some other women just like yourself check out our website www.oaksofrighteousness.info  - my sister and I started this ministry last year along with 6 great sisters in Christ and are putting on our second women's retreat Sept 14-16.  Registration has now opened up and we would love you to come.....kinda cool we have 2 maybe 3 others coming from out of state that we got to know through our adoption journeys....wouldn't that be cool to have a group of us there!  Guy, my husband, just came home today from a men's retreat this weekend..makes me so ready for our weekend! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

The last of the bday celebrations for Olivia

So we finished up Olivia's 6th birthday with dinner at ChuckeCheese (Olivia's first experience there) and she had a blast!  This was a ride that the girls watch a screen and it is simulator like riding a roller coaster - their faces were a trip.  My girls loved it, Lily not to sure

 isn't this funny

 the cupcakes she helped bake and ice - and of course another round of happy birthday

this picture makes me smile, Jonathon and his girlfriend Allie playing some guitar...God thank you again for saving them!

and cool breeze Logan and Mason

Chucke of course

Happy Birthday Princess!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Big Birthday Suprise

So the birthday celebrations continued.  After napped we iced cupcakes and then when Daddy got home Olivia got her birthday present from us.  We got her a new bike.  Now she would have her own and her and Grace would not have to share.  She was so excited.  Check out her expressions and how happy this little girl was today!
 Rounding the corner she catchs a peak

 oh wow!

 one happy little girl

 off she goes

 she was literally squealing from excitement here


and Grace loved having her join along side

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Olivia Turns 6 Years Old Today - A Great Reason For Celebrartion

We had some more celebrating to do today because it was Oliva's actual 6th birthday.  Yes we had her birthday party on Saturday but hey this day was worth celebrating. So the day went a little something like this:

We woke up and baked blueberry muffins for breakfast and then baked some rainbow chip cupcakes before heading to gynmnastics and out to lunch with her cousins and some friends at our favorite local chinese restaurant.


 Licking the batter is always 1/2 the fun

and of course we sang happy birthday before she mowwed down two blueberry muffins for breakfast!

More photos to come later after all this was just her birthday morning we have a whole afternoon and evening of fun stuff ahead!