Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Visit to the Assisted Living Center....

I took a few of the teenage girls in the Bible study group I teach to one of the local assisted living centers Saturday afternoon to help throw a birthday party for two of the residents. My mom, and 3 of my kiddos joined us. All of the residents in the group were suffering from dementia or is sad, but did offer up a few laughs I have to say. Especially when one of the ladies was walking the room frustrated and was talking to us and then said and I'll take that and that and she took Grace's Mikey Mouse and cup of chips and walked off. Okay well Grace was like what was up with that and watched her not taking her eye off of Mickey. One of the ladies working there eventually got it back for Grace but the lady was not happy about giving it up at all! So funny, there were a few other laughs too, but our real reason for being there was to celebrate their life, we brought cards and prayer shawls that we had prayed over for them. Enjoy some photos. My Jonathon, one of the girls in my group Hannah, and my Logan and Grace and the Event Coordinators daughter

Me, Jonathon and the girls with the two residents Connie and Barbara we were celebrating!

Me, Jonathon and the girls, Meredith, Hannah and Sarah

Jonathon and the girls
Other than that life as usual we always have interesting and fun things going on with our crew. Grace keeps us in stitches for sure. She is such a free spirit...let's see since the last post she had to get 3 shots - no tears! She loved the fact that she got bandaids after the shot (she loves bandaids - she thinks they are stickers!) so rolled up her sleever for another shot. They said never seen that before! (okay I am back - had to get Grace she was in the fridge - raiding the blackberries!) So let's see what else, oh yeah she did manage to cram playdough up her nose, let's herself out the front door of the house and one day got halfway down the driveway and then precedding to run down the street as I ran and scooped her up. She is clever, today I locked the front door so she went through the garage....oh and as for her and Lily well they are pure entertainment!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grace Meets Snow White

Well Grace went to her cousin, Violet's, 3 year old princess birthday party today and they had a surprise visit from Snow White with face painting and magic show - lots of fun!

Grace is really still a little biwildered by the whole thing

But not to the point she was missing out on getting a flower on her face, she was all about the face painting.

Wow check me out!

Now Lily said no to the face painting but yes to the cupcake of course!

The girls enjoying the goodies
So it was a fun day!
Otherwise life as usual has been what I would say around the Fisher house - though there is nothing usual about that. School, work, baseball, birthday parties for friends, baby showers for others, haircuts and so on and so on and so on......
Oh wait we did have some big events over the past couple weeks:
Grace: We filled out all the paperwork to sign Grace up to start preschool in the fall, 3 mornings a week. Trying to get her where we had Logan. Loved it there and they loved him well and can't wait to get their hands on Grace. Hoping she gets in we will know by the 15th. She has done so good now with the Y playhouse in the mornings while Kelly and I work out she and Lily play and she even asks to go play. Mom has helped the transition to Sunday school too so she has done well there. So proud of her and how well she is doing.
Christian: My 13 year old, filled out all his registration for next year ....he will be moving on to high school...I can not believe I will have two in high school in the fall.
Jonathon: He dropped a 100 lb weight on his head in weight training this week - luckily he is okay, headache and maybe slight concussion but okay. Out of weights for a week...had to write a 200 page paper since not participating ...sure he would rather be hello what the heck was his spotter doing?
Jonathon also got his DRIVERS LICENSE! Crazy I say, but I am adjusting well and he is doing great. PRAY!
So yeah we have been busy...but would have it no other the current moment Logan has 3 friends sleeping over and need to wind them down to bed since we have church in the morning....ttfn!