Thursday, July 11, 2013

Picture Night at the Beach

We took some pictures on the beach last night and they turned out great.  It was so hard to choose which to post.  I did my best, you can check out Facebook though for more!
Jonathon and Christian and their girlfriends, Allie and Hannah

My girls, Olivia and Grace

Logan and his cousin, Mason

I am blessed - my family!

All the kiddos this year at the beach

Guy and I

The whole gang this year
I am overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving even in the midst of the craziness as I look at these pictures.  I am truly blessed! Even after a moment this week when I had to step away from it all and take a walk alone and I asked the question I dare to confess "where are you God right now, through tears"?  I look back at these moments, these faces, my family and I see you God in the faces of those I love more than life itself. Thank you - thank you!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Enjoying Family Vacation at Ocean Isle Beach

We are officially half way through our family vacation at Ocean Isle Beach and having a blast.  We have hung around the island most of the time with mornings on the beach, afternoons on the canal (we got a house this year on the canal) and evening golf cart rides, ice cream and putt putt.  Today we took we went for the afternoon/evening into Myrtle Beach and hung out at Broadway at the Beach with shopping, more putt putt, more ice cream (hey that is what we do at the beach!) and a dinner at Senor Frog. 
Our house we rented this year is perfect layout for us, with 4 bedrooms that sleeps 10!  This was exactly what we needed this year since we let Jonathon and Christian bring their girlfriends and Logan brought his cousin Mason. Everyone has someone to hang out with and it has helped with the bickering (I think?!?!?, sometimes doesn't seem like I ever escape that completely with my boys - someone tell me that is normal).   We even have our bottom floor of the house that is a game room with couches, tv, full size pool table, air hockey and fuse ball. The kids have enjoyed down time in the evenings there as well.
So I have taken over 200 pictures and have decided to be intentional at going through them each night so it isnt' so much when I get home. I also decided to update the blog half way through and even that was hard to narrow down my favorites. So enjoy, there are several good ones, and hey I have 8 kids here....
 adorable huh?
they both love the water, difference - Grace runs into the waves, gets thrown down and back up again, Olivia has fun running from the waves
Pure joy!

Loves the water, can you tell?

Bahaha - this one makes me laugh.

My goofy Logan - I think its the age

Grace managed to crawl in the hole the boys dug

Love Graces' hip popped out with her sassy self

Logan and Mason made friends with boy next door and enjoyed jumping off their boat in the canal

Cousins chillin on the pier

Riding the waves with big brother, Jonathon

They buried Christian - see his head?  Made him into a, he is such a good sport

Christian and his girlfriend Hannah, and Jonathon and his girlfriend Allie
The four teens chillin in the canal

All the kids playing putt-putt

Jonathon and Allie

Guy and I
Christian skim boarding - he's good

and riding the waves - love the smile
Cute couple, look how tan
Funny chairs and Senor Frog 

 These girls love each other

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July!  My sister and I took our kids to see the fireworks and enjoy festivities at a local park.  Jonathon and Christian each had their girlfriends join us. Kelly was minus her two younger ones.  They are just too young to hang and our hubbies were down for the count too, Fred due to back injury and Guy due to having to work. We still had a great time!  Thanks to all who serve our country and make our freedom something we can celebrate! 
Christian and his girlfriend Hannah
The gang of kiddos

Kelly and I

The girls, Olivia, Lily and Grace


Logan and Mason

 Me and Olivia waiting on the fireworks to begin

Me and Grace..let the fireworks begin


Jonathon and his girlfriend Allie, chillin

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Christian Got His First Car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Christian got his belated 16th birthday gift, but I think he would say it was worth the 3 week wait.  Yes he got his first car!  He had been wanting a Scion Tc and we found one that met his wants and our needs - win/win!