Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Update

Matches this month were great! 33 matches! The best month yet! This means 238 children have been matched in 11 months. Okay so here I go predicting again, not sure if this makes this wait easier or harder but I have to have a goal my mind can focus on. The hardest thing is when I see that date move out as I hang on for the day I meet my daughter. So now at the rate that children have been matched over the past year it looks like maybe we get to see your picture and be told all about you in maybe 8 more months, like June 2010. Seems so far way, yet at the same time…oh my almost around the corner. I still pray for sooner! Oh God, open the doors for us to our precious daughter soon. Eagerly waiting for you Grace...

Oh, I got to take a peak at the prayer quilt that is being made for Grace. It is all sewn together and now just needs to be quilited…it is gorgeous! Hopefully next month it will be done.
Well for now, just holding on to the hope of seeing Grace soon and getting that call I so long to get…we have your daughter’s file. I can’t wait for that day. Loving her from far away for now.