Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat Part II

Take it mom I have got to stop eating this stuff!
Let's see an airhead in the mouth and I think I will have a sucker too

My gosh this is incredible; I can feel myself starting to spin, I know the eyes give it away huh?

Oh my now whose candy is this? (Christian dumped his in the floor)

When we got back from trick-or-treating, Jonathon had painted his face with the pen we got for Grace's whiskers...crazy! Grace looked at him like what have you done?

Last of the photos enjoy

Trick or Treat

Check out this bucket of candy, can you believe it? Its all MINE!
Yeah its all still there

My silly Logan and his buddy Christian

Logan, Grace and Christian- by now she is over the photos and people all up in her space

the kids with neighbors and friends

Okay this night was a blast! Grace loved it! The older ones left us though, we were too slow for them. Grace thought this whole concept of going to door to door for candy rocked! I am just waiting for her to find that pumpkin a few weeks from now and want to try it again...and ohh as for the candy, we will have to hide that girl was rockin a sugar buzz tonight. When I said bath time and got her all undressed she proceeded to run through the house from me naked with a sucker in her mouth (making me very nervous) laughing hysterically! I had to laugh. She talked her self to sleep after about 45 minutes....enjoy the photos and nighty night!

Okay I Am Catching Up What Can I Say...

Okay it has been a busy couple weeks but I am catching up with lots of photos and updates today. Nothing in particular for the most part just life as usual.

We did have my niece, Lily's, dedication last Sunday which of course was precious!

This week held much in the terms of heart felt prayers for my Lily who had her palate surgery this week and Benjamin, a little one who was adopted along with Grace and Lily. Benjamin and his parents live in Maryland and he had a big surgery this week too. Both are now at home. Lily surgery went better than expected. God answered our prayers with the doctor being able to close the palate all the way which he did not think he could. She is healing well and her little personality has returned after a rough little spell. Sleep is getting better that has been the hardest thing. Benjamin will continue to heal and need a lot of supervision and another surgery in 6 weeks. Keep these little ones in your prayers.

We are on Fall break now, so kids have been out of school since Friday and will return next Wednesday so definitely more energy around the house but no homework - wahoo!

More Gymnastics and Halloween

One of her favorite things to run across the trampoline in the floor
Jumping in the small sponge pit together

This is also one of her favorites - swinging from the bars; she tries this at home from the handle of the treadmill

The balance beam she enjoys as well and has managed to make the curb over the drain in the street her neighborhood balance beam


Hope you enjoyed

Halloween and Gymnastics....So Much Fun!

Lily watches on as Grace tumbles
Only one as little and sweet could get away with a shot like this


Okay this might be my favorite! She is really my daughter, do you have to wonder what she is thinking? Not for a minute!

Adorable little kitty ...or as Grace says Meow

Grace and Lily take gymnastics each week and this week they could dress up in their costumes...adorable! Enjoy I swear she has stolen my heart...

Pumpkin Carving Time

Christian caving on his own this year..yikes
Love that smile!

Jonathon is cracking her up!

So intent as she does her own decorating

Logan gutting his pumpkin
The kids carved their pumpkins today. Jonathon of course managed to dodge the camera. Trick or treating tonight so more pictures to come later...

Flowers and Pumpkins...

Grace is loving stacking the containers the flowers came in.
Dad's little helper

Grace - isn't she just so sweet

Logan and his girls..Jordan, Lauren, Chloe and Brooke before trick or treating downtown Concord

Crazy eyes..hysterical huh?

Logan and some friends went trick or treating this week downtown Concord. Local stores were handing out candy. Thanks Kimberly.

Grace helped Guy plant flowers this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed herself.


Trick or treating tonight...those photos to come later.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Batch of Pumpkin Patch Photos

Jonathon and Grace on the hayride
Logan and Grace on the hayride

Grace picked her pumpkin

Carrying it all by herself

Christian and Grace in the patch

More Pumpkin Patch Photos

Guy and Grace
The whole Gang! (Minus Brandon)

Mommy and Grace

The boys and Grace


Pumpkin Patch Time

That smile makes it all worth while!

Grace and Jonathon as he helps her pick out the perfect pumpkin.
Christian chillin on the hay ride

Logan, cool dude on the hayride

Grace enjoying a little yogurt

Well it has been busy busy busy so been a couple weeks since I have blogged. I have officially gone back to work so navigating working 30 hours a week on top of life has been a challenge but I am doing as well as to be expected....maybe a little better I am blessed to have the flexibility that I have with my job. So Mondays are long in the office a 10 hour day and my Mom watches Grace. That has gone great! The rest of the week, unless I have meetings I am up at 4:30 to begin working early before Grace wakes and then work while she naps. This gives us mornings together, afternoons for homework and evenings as a family. Of course there are a million and one other things I try to cram in during the day as well so not quit as smooth sailing as it sounds but it is my plan and for most part is working.

My aunt's wedding was last weekend and that was beautiful! Shed a tear as she walked down the isle - beautiful! Normal life stuff and of course still enjoying Kindermusik, Gymnastics (which she tumbles everywhere, uses the curb as a balance beam outside in the road and the handle of the treadmill as her parallel bars such a trip) and Logan still in the midst of football season. My Christian is madder by the day that he is still in PT and the doctor's not released him back to the baseball field.
Enjoyed some much needed 1:1 time with each of my boys as I took turns taking each one to lunch and shopping for fall/winter clothes and Guy got some good bonding time with Grace.
My personal high was my night out with the girls and the Lord. My accountability group meets once a month and God really showed up in a powerful way and us ladies walked away different from this night, reminded of his love for us, and our purpose in this world and ready to move into a "go" season and begin to walk it out and make a difference.
My proudest moment, today when my son Christian gave his testimony with a friend at church of how baseball is his mission field and how he shared Jesus with this friend on the ball field in Cooperstown and his friend received Christ. Church is beyond the walls of our church it is where God puts us every day, our families, our schools, jobs, even Walmart or the baseball field, even our neighborhoods. His friend testified how he will never be the same. Many tears fell today.
Our most fun time the was the trip to the pumpkin patch. We took Grace for her first trip to pick pumpkins and enjoyed a hay ride to the patch to pick the perfect one. She loved it! Enjoy some photos which I know is what you are all so eager to see.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today Was A Very Special Day...

After nap, she opens her gifts. She tries on her braclet from us..sterling silver bangle. When she outgrows we will save for her wedding day to tie in to her bouquet - something "old" to remind her of the day she was dedicated to the Lord.
Humm..what is in here?

After the service Grace enjoys her lunch...she looks the jelly out of the center of the "uncrustable".


Today we had the honor to dedicate Grace. After God has given this special little girl to us, today we dedicated her to Him. Of course I planned ahead and charged the video and camera and brought them to church. However, in the moment forgot to hand them off to someone to take he pictures....uggg....she looked beautiful though and I a couple folks told me they took photos so I am hoping to get some good ones. Will post as I have them. I also will have her portrait made in the outfit probably next month when we go do family pictures for Christmas.

I really felt after searching for weeks for a white dress that I was to put her in one of the chinese dresses we bought in Guangzhou. The size that fits her now is hot pink, not traditional for dedication but perfect! I had to smile when I looked at the print - butterflies - very special to us and a sign of her transformation and new life. So hot pink dress, gold butterflies, gold flats and a big bow in her hair - adorable! Perfect.

Check out a few photos though of her once back at the house..again I was spending more time enjoying family and friends then snapping shots.

Last of Chinese Autumn Moon Festival Photos

Christian and Caiya enjoy a ride

Now it is Taylors turn to ride and Grace push