Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July Update

Well we continue to be very encouraged by the matches each month. The month of July we had 22 matches! We are down to 49 files in front of ours - 75% of our weight is over in 8 months! Honestly we are optimistic and holding on to "hope" of a match as early as SEPTEMBER, knowing God holds Grace and the perfect timing of all of this in his hands. We have sensed this timing as have a couple others that have walked closley along side us. Could it really happen? Could we beat the statistically odds? As eager as we are to hold Grace in our hands, we know that his hands are perfect as is his timing. Thanks prayer warriors, thanks for those who continue to encourage us on this journey, ask about her and claiming God's promises for our daughter.

I have seen the numbers 11:11 on a clock this month many times; seeking God in this but believing it ties to the adoption. Could it be our travel? I don't know, but further confirmation of what was spoken over our journey for Grace and Kelly and Fred's journey for Lily..two of the same. Kelly and I have been struggling with anxiety as we get close about our girls, their ages, their needs, and the timing of our match being the same. Have we traveled this journey for 3 years with the chance of not traveling together in the end. Then I remember the words of a dear friend that were spoken to me in December of last year - she said "I sense this to be "a two of the same" in that you and your sister are receiving the same blessing and the same moving of God in your lives right now particularly in this situation. What an experience to share together as sisters!!!" WOW! 11:11 the only two of the same numbers! I know some may think this is a stretch but it continues to happen over the past two weeks to a point that is beyond coincidence. Claiming this promise! Thankful God continues to speak through the ordinary and knows our hearts - we just have to look to him and ask for him to give us wisdom. Thank you Jesus for your promises, your faithfullness and your love!

As for the bathroom, we are well on our way here as well. Guy has stripped and painted the bathroom. We have put up new hardware and gotten new light and mirror hung. So we have some more work to day but it is over half way done. Hope over next month to have it complete! yes that would be by SEPTEMBER!

Grace's quilt squares have been dropped off to the quilter! Guess what we got exactly 100 squares - it will be a king size quilt! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this quilt - that is a 100 squares and more than that 100 individual prayers for our daughter - thank you so much! Oh and talked to the quilter this week, guess when it will be ready - SEPTEMBER!

Keep praying folks - our prayers and worship are moving things forward in the Spirit! It won't be long now til we see the face of our daughter...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Update

Well another month has past and although the wait at times seems so long I am so glad to be able to say we have had another great month of matches. That is 3 months in a row where the matches continue to increase each month! PRAISE GOD! This continues to put us one step closer to Grace. This month there were 26 matches!!!! That puts us down to around 70 files in front of us. At this rate we could be looking at a match as early as December of this year....a daughter for Christmas oh wow! Keep those prayers coming for our time to continue to shorten until we have Grace home! Thanks for sharing in this journey with to you all.

As for the bathroom, we havent' done much else there. This month has been very busy with baseball and swim with the boys. Hoping to make a little more head way this month there.

The quilt too has kind of been on hold due to busy month. But...I will say we have found someone to put the quilt together for us and gotten all the information together for her so we will be handing that over next month to be put together. Can't wait to see it!