Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas with the Family

It was a wonderful Christmas.  We opened gifts at hone, enjoying our traditional breakfast casserole and spent the first half of the day letting the kids play while we cleaned up and just relaxed.  Then we went to my mom's and shared Christmas with my parents and sisters and their kids, followed by the extended family joining us, yes my cousins and aunts and uncles.  I love my family.  Here are some shots of everyone up and ready to celebrate the day. 



Guy and I

 Guy and his girls

Logan and Mason - his cousin in their matching Panthers hats

Girls with team work in opening their gifts

Me and my sisters kids

with their Nana and PawPaw

Me and my sisters and our husbands

Our family

Guy and his boys

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning Blessings

It was a wonderful Christmas.  It was especially exciting because it was Olivia's first Christmas with us and she was off the charts excited. This girl brings so much joy to our family.  Well I will spare the words - the pictures speak for themselves.

The girls

Tinkerbell game for her Vtech Tablet

Jonathon got an Ipad

Even the little things like Cars water bottle and Little Mermaid Cup bring big smiles

A new baseball bat for Christian

Love the joy in Logan  discovering mom remember something he mentioned months ago he wanted

One of Grace's favorites - Mac to carry all her Disney cars

Our Tinkerbell fan, she got all the fairies and lots of princesses

 And a baseball glove - baseball Christian's love language
 Logan too - our baseball players
 The girls absolutely favorite gifts - Ipod touches, now they will leave their brothers phones alone
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Baking and Lights

Our weekend has brought in the Christmas spirit!  I have officially done all my shopping and wrapping!    We also finished up our baking this weekend which the kids really enjoyed.   Then Saturday night we went to Kannapolis and saw the lights, Santa and rode the train -the highlight for the girls!
Jonathon and his girlfriend Allie say their good byes before she headed to Sumter for a few days for the Christmas holidays!  They will celebrate when she returns.

Christian and his girlfriend Sydney decorate cookies with the girls

isn't she a cutie?  I hot rolled her hair for fun and she loved it.
 Olivia was so excited to bake

and Grace was thrilled to sneak in every bite she could get 

Logan decorating

 Now this fun!

 Christian and Grace keeping warm


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Olivia Did Fabulous Job Today

Today was the last day of the quarter and of school for Olivia until after the holidays.  They closed the unit letting the kids share what they learned this quarter:
  • Courage - Joshua 1:9
  • Native Americans
The kids did a great job in this performance on Courage and learned what the Word of God says about it, what we could learn about how others such as Native Americans lived a life of courage. 

This performance celebrated perspective. 

Our little girl who I still have to remind myself has only been with us in this country 9 months.  She knew no English when she got here.  Yet, here she is today with her own line in a play "I learned that the Navajo are famous for their weaving."...way to go Olivia!

They have been learning about before European explorers arrived, Native Americans had existed in what is now the United States.  Each tribe developed a unique culture and way of life. Tribes such as the Cherokee, the Navajo (who Olivia picked to do her project on - she made a hogan and weaved), the Comanche, the Makah and the Inuit lived in different areas of North America, adapting to the environment around them.

and here she recites the scripture with her class from Joshua 1:9
"I command you, do not be afraid do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go". 

I love that she is getting the Word of God inscribed on her heart at such a young age.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Polar Express & Wacky Tacky Day

Grace had her last day of pre-school until January.  They celebrated by having Polar Express Day and got to dress in the pajamas.  Grace hasn't been able to part with those reindeer ears her Nana got her but they matched her reindeer PJ's perfect.  She enjoyed a ride on the Polar Express, hot chocolate, whip cream, marshmallows, donuts, candy canes and even a surprise visit from Santa.  I even enjoyed with her since it was my turn to bring the treats for the party.  Let me just say the kids like the whip cream as much if not more than the hot chocolate!

Olivia had Spirit Day today at her school today.  The theme today was "Wacky Tacky Day".  You can't really tell from the photo but the girl sported 4 pig tails and 3 bows!

Fun stuff!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread Houses and Some Catching Up....

This season is so busy.  Honestly I will be glad when Thursday rolls around and I begin my vacation until the first of the year. I am hoping then I can enjoy the holidays, catch up, relax and just breath!
Basketball season has started.  Logan is the only one playing this year so that isn't too bad.  Great timing for him too since he was just fully released from the orthopedic from the broken collar bone just last week.  Christian has begun conditioning for spring baseball too since he was released from the back fracture.  So all back to norm there and the busyness begins again!  Gosh has Christian missed it though.  They were both stir crazy. 
We had our Christmas Spectacular at church last weekend and as always they did a fantastic job.   
We are mid way through the second quarter at school and the kids are all doing really well.  Actually, Jonathon takes 2 courses at the local community college for his senior year in high school and he just took exams in those classes last week.  He did well for his first college courses.  So he has an easy week this week with just two classes at the high school each day.
And the Christmas celebrations have begun.  We had one for work last week and one with my best friends from our ministry team, Oaks of  
This weekend included the celebration of  my best friend of 33 years daughters college graduation. So proud of Ciera. 
But this weekend closed with spending some time with the kids baking chocolate chip cookies and a gingerbread house.  The baking has just begun!
Jonathon and Allie attempt the construction of the gingerbread house - they insisted on no help.

Then they let the girls decorate

Logan watches on before he gets his chance for the finishing touches

they were eating candy as well as decorating  of course

the finished product...though I will say, next year I am going back to helping with the construction, since the house collapsed shortly after it was put together and after many attempts to reassemble I just threw it away. Oh well they had fun!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Visit with Santa

So this weekend the girls got all dolled up and we went to see Santa.  So fun!
Olivia, isn't she getting so big.  Every time we do her hair now she says look mommy I have long hair. She has wanted long hair from the moment we brought her hone.  Her hair grows so fast, unlike Grace.  Their hair is about the same length and poor Grace's has been growing for 2 years.  She has beautiful hair and is just a gorgeous little girl.  She is growing up so fast and learning so much.
 and my Gracie - isn't she just adorable?.  She has so much personality.  She will keep you in your toes and laughing.  Never a dull moment with this girl.  She is getting so tall and thin.

So sweet, look at them holding hands, totally unscripted


They truly bring each other so much joy

 Love it, big squeeze by Grace
And then off to the mall to see Santa.  They had a great Santa and cool Ice Age exhibit.  Grace is a big Ice Age fan

Such cheese-ers

And last but not least - SANTA!