Monday, May 27, 2013

A Fun Day at Carowinds

We had so much fun today at Carowinds.  It was Olivia's first time at an amusement park and Grace had not been in a couple years.  They had a blast!  Olivia really surprised me.  She was the daredevil just like Grace.  Both loved the fast rides...they could ride two small coasters.  The bigger of the two was their favorite.    The faster the better.  The rollercoaster and the scrambler were their favorite.  We will have some fun trips there this summer!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Day at the Ball Field

With five children and two little girls my days at the ball field are much different then they once were. I used to have the cooler all packed and be there all day....all weekend.  Now I try to balance it more so that I support them on the ball field, but don't expect Olivia and Grace to camp out for the weekend either.  We made it to Logan's first game Saturday and was glad to see them win!  Here are a few shots.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

We Have a Kindergartener in the House!!!

Where do the years go?  My little baby girl, Grace waked across the stage tonight and graduated preschool.  It seems like yesterday we walked into a room in China and met our precious baby girl for the first time.  She was 22 months old. I held her so tight and loved her and my precious bundle of joy came to life.  She has brought me so much joy.  She makes me laugh every day. She is a spit fire that embraces life to the fullest.  She has determination and a fire in the pit of her to go after whatever she is passionate about.  She is an over comer.  She has grown so much and I am in awe of the beautiful little girl she has become.  I am honored and humbled God picked me to be her mommy.  She is my little me.  I could not have birthed a child that would have in any way been more mine.  I have no doubt that God chose a woman a world away to bring forth her life.  I am so thankful she did. I also believe God knew I was not to carry my little girl in my womb, no my girls would be born in my heart.  This girl no doubt was born in mine. People ask why did you adopt, you have four boys.  And why did you go all the way to China when there are needs right here? I say because my daughter was in China.  Wouldn't you go anywhere in this world to get your child?  Some people have children here, some in Africa, some in India or some are to carry their own children. God brings them to us in many ways. He brought me one through marriage, three biologically and two through adoption. Adoption is a beautiful thing, after all God adopted us too!  Oh Lord today I just give a shout out to you in praise and say thank you for my double portion of Grace! 
I will show you some pictures but first let me say after the graduation we went to the classroom to watch a video of photos from the year and also an interview they did with each of the children.  Here was the three questions asked and Grace's response:
1.  What do you like to do at school?  Play cars
2.  What do you like to do with your family at home?  Play cars with Olivia
3.  What do you want to do when you grow up? Be a cars girl
Bahahaha we might just have our next Danica Patrick!
Walking down the isle to in the sanctuary to her graduation and spots us in the pew

Pledge of allegiance

Our preschool graduate

We love you Grace!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have a 1st Grader!

Today was bitter sweet as Olivia finished her final day of Kindergarten!  I am so proud of all she has accomplished this year.  This little girl who came to America 14 months ago knowing no English is reading and writing at grade level and slightly above in math.  Obviously her vocabulary is not that of other 6 or 7 year olds but she has not had the experiences they have in their 6 years in her 1 year.  She will catch up there with time.  She loves to learn and you will find her first choice of things to do is to read, write and do art.  She will come straight home from school and get a book.  Her hunger to read and learn will cause her to gain ground fast.  I love her determination and her excitement to learn. I am so proud of her.  Here are some pictures of field day we celebrated today on her final day of school.
Never put limitations on your children, even children with special needs.  Olivia has post operative spina bifida and hydrocephalus and my girl ran a 1/2 mile today at school!   This is the same little girl that when the doctor saw her spina bifida scar said based on the location of the scar, I can not explain to you how she can walk. girl can run. I can explain we have a God who is still in the miracle business and this little girl walks, runs and will soar in life! I am thankful for a neurosurgeon who says she has no limitations, Olivia can do anything Olivia wants to do and for a pediatrician who says her medical condition is not who she is, she is Olivia.  Thank you for men who speak life over my daughter and thank you God that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and you are a God who heals and you do great and mighty things for those you love.

 First watermelon of the season, but not our last...this is a favorite at our house.

A favorite spot of the afternoon - blow up slide

Water games!  Oh yeah, a great way to cool off and a lot of fun!  Life the pure joy in her face.

Tug of war was a lot of fun

Olivia and her friend Scarlet say good bye to Ms. Kristi.  It was an amazing year!  Thank you Ms. Kristi for teaching and loving our daughter.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Senior Prom - Jonathon and Allie - 2013

Jonathon's senior year is winding down with his high school graduation just 3 short weeks away.  It is hard to believe my baby, my first born, has grown into a man so quickly.  I am going through the motions right now because it has been so busy, but when the still moments come so do the tears.  I am proud of him and who he is and excited for the adventure that awaits him in this new season of his life but at the same time I am sad to see these 18 years come to close as his childhood years are over, he gets to begin his new life.  So pray for me in these next few weeks leading up to the big day.  My commitment I have made in the business of this season is to stop at each milestone and really soak it up and enjoy the gift that it is. Prom night was one of those gifts.  Jonathon and his girlfriend Allie looked amazing.  It was hard to narrow down the picture choices, but here are some of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy taking a trip through this magical night.  The prom theme was "Athenian".
Making the most of the rainy weather

 We got some great shots in between the rain


 Allie has already ditched the shoes and the night has yet to begin....

So sweet

A little hazy but I love this shot

 Isn't her corsage beautiful?
Sassy ....their night is about to begin

Thanks to my brother in law, Fred for allowing them to take out his car for the night, what a treat

Met up with some friends for some more photos before dinner and the prom

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Girls Light Up The Stage

The girls had their first dance recital this morning.  They both looked beautiful and danced so well.  My heart swelled and I was in tears.  I was just overwhelmed watching  these girls who are absolutely beautiful inside and out.  But when the thought hit me as I watched the glowing smiles as they lit up the stage with their pure joy that these little girls were once orphans with little hope I was in awe at what the hand of our God can do.  Two little girls once labeled special needs orphans now lighting up a stage as princesses filled with joy and the light of Jesus beaming through them as they danced a stage on the other side of the world for a family that absolutely adores them.  Enjoy a glimpse into the glory of God through a smile.....


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Olivia Celebrates Her Birthday Tinkerbell Style

We had one full day of magical fun as we celebrated Olivia's 7th birthday. She was super excited.  We began our morning with a trip to get her ear's pierced and you guessed it, Tinkerbell earrings.   Then it was time for her birthday party with a special guest Tinkerbell herself!  This was the highlight of the party with face painting, balloon characters, magic show and photos with Tinkerbell. The girls also enjoyed coloring, crafts, stickers, tattoos and nail painting.  Thank you to all of her family and friends who came out to make this day so special for Olivia, you all were part of this little girl's dreams coming true today.  She is still soaring high from the day.  We ended our day with a family dinner at Chuckee Cheese.  One full day - one magical day - one day well worth the celebration.  Happy Birthday Olivia!
Enjoy some of my favorites from the day - this was hard so many kids and so many adorable photos.
Party time - cupcakes and treats

Olivia - the birthday girl!


Olivia and her friend Ava

Olivia and her friend Sydney

My little Tinkerbell

this whole group chose butterflies

My oldest, Jonathon with my nephew Liam - aka Spiderman

The magic show Tinkerbell had them captivated

Magical - my little girls dreams came true today

Do you see the pure joy on her face? 

Happy birthday Olivia!

 She was so excited to get a baseball bat, balls and glove just like her big brothers - in pink to boot!
Olivia with her Nana and PawPaw