Sunday, October 30, 2011

Grace Has A Crush....

So Grace adores one of Christian's friends, Chris. She saw the boys on the couch watching a movie and texting (of course). So she goes and gets an old phone, sits down between them and joins in. She cracks me up. Watch the looks she gives Chris. I think she is quit smitten with him. And though at 14 he may never admit it, I think you can tell he is quit smitten with her too.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Day of Halloween Festivities!

We enjoyed an afternoon at our church's harvest festival. Grace rode a pony, played games, did trick or trunk (trick or treat out of the trunks of cars), ate carmel apples, popcorn, cotton candy, was a funtime!
from the facial expression you can tell she is not a fan of the cotton candy
then home to decorate and carve pumpkins. Grace was so excited to see the cars kit I got her to do her pumpkin. She is all girl, but loves CARS...this was a hit
Lightening McQueen our little pumpkin
Mason (Logan's cousin) and Logan gutting the pumkin
Logan thought he could just pour our the guts - not that easy
so more scraping....and Grace decided to join the fun
I'm not afraid to get dirty let me do it
Daddy I want to help
Sharing the love as the light up the big pumpkin!
It was a good day!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Fun Begins

The Halloween fun has begun! Grace was able to dress up at gymnastics this week and the Family Fun Night at Preschool.

Isn't she a precious lady bug?
Notice at gymnastics how the costume slowly peels away - lost our tights here....needs to be bare foot (forgot about that piece)
Now we have shed the antennas and the wings
only at 3 can you sport the panties showing and still look cute
Straddle jumps on the tumble track...too funny
oh no my skirt is tearing up in the marshmallow pit
you guessed it so let's shed those too
One of my favorites!
And the other..her smile melts my heart!

Decorating her shakers at Family Fun Night
And yes of all the books at the book fair my girl picks the "Cars" book of course with a big monster truck "Matar" on the front .....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good and Bad...

Well I must say this week started out a little rough....I ended a long day in the office with a call on the way home from Guy saying Christian was in a dirt bike accident and needed to go to ER. So of course this sends a mothers heart reeling and I could not get home quick enough. I scooped him off and we spent the next 4 hours in ER. He was at a friends house. He was thrown from the bike and the bike landed on top of him. He has a pretty bad broken collar bone. He is very lucky that is all he has honestly. Praise God he had on his helmet or we could be looking at some bigger injuries. God really did protect him when I think of what could have happened. He is pretty sore. His other arm is bruised up and burned from the tire spinning on him and rubbing his skin off until the bike was pulled off of him. He did go back to school Wednesday. He is a real trooper. This boy is so much heart. He is pressing through the pain and making the best of it, knowing he has about an 8 week recovery. The biggest disappointment for him is he can not play next month in the Cal Ripken Baseball Tournament at Myrtle Beach and was not able to play the final tournament with his High School team this week. He is trying to remain optimistic, he will be ready for conditioning the first of the year and to be on the field spring season. For this boy it all comes down to baseball!

On a good note, Jonathon got his first job! He will be life guarding at the Great Wolfe Lodge. Pretty cool first job huh?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Baseball on A Beautiful Fall Day...

Christian is winding down his fall season of baseball with the high school metro team. Managed to catch the morning game today. He got some pitching time this morning which he always loves! Enjoy some of Christian's favorite picks from some shots I got.

Oh course his number one fan was there. Sporting those "Cars" glasses. Her favorite, the girl likes what the girl likes
And she is off, time to hit hte open field behind her for some play time herself
Come on Dad
Oh yeah I got the foul ball
Come on Christian!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Enjoying this Fall Weather

Just enjoying life and this fall weather....these were some cute shots taken at the baseball field of Grace wooing her daddy ....."aren't I cute"
You know I am can you resist me, come on ....
Please come here daddy, oh please..
Isn't this water fountain amazing, but I need your help to reach...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun at Patterson Farm!

Kelly and I took Grace and Lily and Logan and Mason to Patterson Farm Sunday to get pumpkins and enjoy all the fall fun! It was a beautiful day in the mid 70's perfect! The corn pit was a blast. As you can see Logan burying Mason and the two of them can't stop laughing.
Grace took her first pony ride! She loved it. She told me to move she wanted to do all by herself...really now.
Oh course they had to do the cow ride, pulled by the tractor around the farm...
These two are a trip. They kept rolling pumpkins beside each other and sitting on them, then when the stem poked their bottom they would jump up and crack up.
Lily and Grace with the scarecrow
These two love each other!
Duck races
Horse swing of course was a must
More corn pit
Tomato sling shots. They had a target way out in the field. Logan shot it really far, missed the target but one time hit a goat out in the field.
Here piggy piggy
This slide was super fast and they loved it!
She shot out this slide
Pumpkin time
Hayride - a wonderful day!