Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Few More Snow Shots

A White Christmas - Our First in NC in 63 Years!

Grace and Logan

Christian and Grace hit the hill
Mommy and Grace

Wahoo! Fun times!

Grace's first step into the snow

Enjoy the Last of the Christmas shots

Mom and Jerry

Mom and Grace

Crystal when she was blessed with a portrait too! Of course there were more tears!

And More Christmas...

The perfect suprise gift for Mom and Jerry - a photo of all the kids and grandids - tears - for sure!

Mom and Jerry with all the grandkids
Guy and his girls!

All the kiddos!

Guy and I - laughs!

More Christmas....

Feeding her new baby

Oh yeah now I can make my own frappachinos!
The glove he picked out-oh yeah

Score- I got my ipod touch

YES!!!!!!!!!! I get a picture too!

Our Best Christmas Yet...

Obviously our best Christmas yet! Enjoy the photos I am sure that is what you most care about! I will post a lot of you!

A girl after my own heart, loves peppermint bark

Who would think an electronic toothbrush would be a highlight but it was!

Posing Christmas Eve in front of the tree

Grabbing the presents for travel to MawMaw and PawPaws

Grace's face when she saw everything under the tree Christmas morning...priceless!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Baking Had To Come to an End...

Enjoy the last of the baking shots!

Grace drug her kitchen utensils in the the kitchen and plopped down in the center

More marshmallows on the nose, she cracks herself up

Yummy right...Oreo balls, peanut butter balls and now Christian and Grace are dipping pretzels in chocolate...well Grace would dip, bite and then put the other half on the wax paper

Grace intently unwrapping the chocolate kisses to put in the center of the peanut butter cookies - of course when comes time to eat them, she bites the kiss off and hands the cookie back
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas...our family festivities and celebrations begin tomorrow with a visit to the Fishers, Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and our annual Visit From Santa right before bed time.....more to come on that later.... This will be one magical Christmas with Grace here...we all can hardly wait!

More Baking...

Today is our officially baking day each year and Grace thoroughly enjoyed herself. She was a mess by the end of the day!
She loves to put marshmallows on the tip of her nose...she is so silly
Back off, I got this.....

Jonathon and Grace whipping up some peanut butter cookies

A few more of Logan and Grace at his class party; he bends down and kisses her head, precious!

Logan helping Grace make a wreath out of puzzle pieces

Logan's Holiday Party At School...With a Couple Visitors

Grace and Morgan (Logan's cousin) popped in to enjoy some time with Logan at his holiday party at school...enjoy some photos.
Logan intently making his wreath
Logan, Morgan and Grace...those eyes look like she has been sniffing that glue...promise she wasn't!

Beautiful Grace, those glazy eyes from her cold and running nose

Grace looking to Morgan for the next step in this project

Grace and Logan play "the Conductor Says" instead of Simon Says to go along with the Polar Express Theme

More Sugar Cookies and Friends

More photos to enjoy.... Logan and his friend Christian or as we call him Little Christian (since I have a Christian too)
Jonathon being silly icing his cookie-That tongue my gosh is it long
Christian icing his cookie

Grace and Lily enjoy decorating

Wait is Lily trying to snag Grace's cookie, I think so

Sugar Cookies and Friends

The kids enjoyed making sugar cookies over at Michelle's and icing and decorating them. I will say the big boys played outside almost the entire time coming in long enough to enjoy a bowl of soup or chicken and dumplins and decorate enough cookies to eat at the moment, but all had a great time! Thanks for having us all over Michelle..memories created!

Grace icing a yummy Christmas tree sugar cookie
Grace and Lily taking a break for some chicken and dumplings and brocolli and cheese soup

The kiddos enjoy some coloring on the white board while cookies are baking

Grace spotted all Michelle's bowls of candy- chocolate kisses - score!

Morgan suprised Grace with some M&Ms - chocolate the way to my daughter's heart!