Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Update-Immigration Papers to Be Updated AGAIN!

This was another great month of matches. They have matched 23 children so far this month. This means since we started in the "Waiting Child Program" to date they matched 322 children, average of 24 a month. With each passing month we are getting closer and I am at the point now where I am actually starting to get excited...this is really going to happen and we anticpate happening in the next 4 months or May/June we should have a picture of our little girl. After over 3 years in the wait I have to pinch myself and remind myself, yes this is really going to happen. I have seen some children matched this month with MCC (Medical Checklist) on file from July-November 2008 (remember our date is December 2008). So all of this is exciting.

Now one thing that stinks is our immigration papers expire 5/17/10 which means we will need to have them updated because they have to be current all the way through date you return from China. This will be the third time we have had to update these papers. To give you perspective, it is a pain in the neck, you are talking doctor's reports on Guy, I and the kids, child abuse clearnances, criminal reports, financials, reference letters and so on and so on, as well as our homestudy updated again. This things take a lot of time and once again cost a lot of money. But we are holding stead-fast and breaking through all this to get our breakthrough!