Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let the Festivities Continue - Harvest Fest

The kids go all decked out for the first time for Halloween.  They could hardly wait to pull those costumes out and dress up.  This is Olivia's first Halloween in America and she was literally squealing with excitement.  We had a fun afternoon at the Harvest Fest with food, games and pony rides.  The kids had a blast.
 my beautiful Tinker Bell

 and my adorable Spider Girl
Logan decked out as an Alien Morph

 Adorable right
 Best of friends
 Pony rides

Fantastic 4

I love these girls

 The cotton candy was at the top of the list for "favorites"
funny right?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkins and Smores

After another busy week (Olivia lost another tooth - well actually the dentist asked her if she wanted the tooth fairy to come that night we were at the dentist for cleanings and she said yes and so he pulled that loose tooth!  Not sure she understand based on the swift kick she gave him when he pulled it out but she did get a visit by the tooth fairy!)
This weekend we began Halloween festivities.  Olivia gets so excited at every turn of events with each new holiday she experiences American style!  So this weekend we carved and painted pumpkins and even made smores.  All the kids had a blast but the excitement in Olivia is a beautiful thing!
 Jonathon and Alllie

Logan left the dirty work to Dad

Logan watched on while his dad worked



Sweet couple

Jonathon and Allie, Christian and Logan's pumpkins

Graces' bat pumpkin

Olivia's angry birds pumpkin

Grace and Daddy making smores

 And Olivia eating them...she loved them!
Then the laughter began

and that smile!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Day Lunch with Olivia at School

I got to enjoy lunch today with Olivia at her school for family luncheon.  It is nice to be able to see her connecting and creating friendships! 
Olivia and her friend Ava

The gang of girls - these girls are so sweet.  Yes Grace had to join in with her hot chooclate and peppermint stick..yumm!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Beautiful Day for the Pumpkin Patch

The weather was perfect today for a trip to Patterson Farm.  This is an annual tradition for pumpkin picking and fun.  This year Jonathon's girlfriend Allie joined my sister and I and all the kiddos (minus my nephew Mason who wasn't able to join us this year) - her first trip to Patterson Farm.  I tried my best to par down the photos but it was hard, so there are many to enjoy.
 cow ride
horse races

these two are so much a like and have a special connection, my oldest and my youngest

Hay ride, these two dont' go far without the girls right beside them

Olivia's first trip to the pumpkin patch

 Grace an ole pro at it
Jonathon and Allie

The gang



 Big hugs
Pony rides

One of the highlights for Grace

 Bat girl

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Week to Remember

Well the week started out with more doctor's visits which honestly I am so done with. 
Christian got his back brace on Monday that he will wear for 3 months. 
Olivia had her MRI on Wednesday to see how her back looks from the untethering surgery in June and to determine what if anything is needed for hydrocephalus.  Thursday we went to the neurosurgeon for results.  The short of it, Olivia will need on more surgery. I should have a date nailed down with the surgeon sometime next week and will update with the surgery option we are pursuing and the date so you all can be praying for our little angel.
But the end of the week brought us some fun!  The biggest highlight was today when we went to see Disney on Ice. Yes this met Mikey, Minnie, Goofie and Donald Duck, as well as Cars, Toy Story, Arial-Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell and all the fairies.
 the girls before they headed out to for their surprise - they still didn't know what it was yet.
Grace was so excited - Cars fan all the way!

Olivia Tinkerbell fan! Loved this!

Funnel cake

such a blast!
We also enjoyed a beautiful day at the Raptar Center with Olivia's class for field trip. A great kind of honme study day! We learned about owls and seeing the Eagles as a big hit! 

Best of friends

Olivia and her friends watching on at the owls
Olivia and one of her best friends from class, Lindsey