Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Set of Photos from Thanksgiving

kinda looks bad, but really funny...Jonathon had ice in his mouth and she wanted a kiss...sike wanted the ice!

Please can i go upstairs, pretty please?

More Thankgsgiving Shots at My Familys

I'm diving in this stuff is the bomb!
Go ahead girl friend, I am double fisting it too

Licking the side of my face too, I ain't wastin nothing

Ahhh the joy of dessert

Here you go Lily

Thanksgiving Continues at My Familys...Your Gonna Love These

Grace and Lily really enjoyed the whipped cream! Grace feeding Lily. Hysterical!Lily wearing a good portion of it


She is going in for it

New game the boys taught Grace. I hold on to your ankle and you drag me around, how about that. Morgan got the privledge here.

More Thanksgiving Photos To Enjoy

Grace loves babys this is her 4th cousin I guess...Anna Leigh
Precious,giving Anna Lee a kiss

PawPaw reading to Grace

MawMaw and PawPaw Fisher with Grace and way to get Grace in the picture with them....she still plays a little shy with them since only seen them twice now.

Jonathon and PawPaw Fisher chatting

More Thanksgiving Photos at the Fishers

Grace loved the ducks in MawMaws window, kept her very amused - she is rocking him here.
Wow a whole family of ducks

Just a giggling

The boys pile on Brandon

MawMaw and Logan

Tons of Photos For You

Grace helping Daddy clean up dishes
The all pile on!

Looks like PawPaw Fisher is giving Christian a good talking too...hummm wonder what that is all about?


Annual tradition, Jonathon always stuffs the turkey!

Okay I couldn't choose so gonna post a ton of photos for you from the Thanksgiving holidays. We enjoyed lunch with Guy's parents, then home for Grace to nap and unwind a little before we headed over to Kellys for lunch with our family. It was a great day and I am so blessed to have such wonderful family. Enjoy all the photos.

Yes of course Kelly, Mom and I headed out on Black Friday for our annual shopping day and were out from 5am-5pm - we had so much fun and of had what has also become a tradition - PF Changs for lunch.

Guy and I managed to get all the decorating done for Christmas this weekend so house is all ready for Christmas. I love just sitting (when that happens - haha!) and enjoying it. The kids I always think will so enjoy helping us but as happens each year they are not so interested in the decorating maybe that is boys for is very short lived in terms of help and made for a bit of chaos with 3 boys running crazy around the house and little Grace under foot while I am managing to decorate the tree. Grace helped some but that didn't last either and a little hard because things are breakable. She managed to only break one ornament or should I say I only let her help as far as one ornamanet got broke...hehe. I will say she is loving carrying the ornament around with the picture of her Nana and PawPaw and eating the candy canes.

I also had one proud moment today...Grace poopooed in the are you kidding me? I saw her still with her head on her little kitchen and said what are you doing? She said shoo shoo (that is what she calls in). I said do you want to shoo shoo in the potty. She ran down the hall, put her potty seat on the comode, grabbed her stool, set up there with her bear in her lap and did her business! WOW!

Jonathon Gets A Car

Well we broke down and bought Jonathon a car. He is so very excited and loves it. We got him a 2003 Toyota Celica. We are like the best parents every (for now anyway!). That was an all consuming project as we have been searching cars for months until we found the one that met our his needs and ours! Enjoy some photos of this happy boy! Hard to believe in one week he will be 16. I have been saying that loving them, caring for them and teaching them I thought was hard, but this letting them go as they grow older is even harder!

Over the past week our hard drive crashed on our computer as well so we were without it for almost a week, thus no update last week. Glad to have it back!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's See - Honor Roll, Baskets and Heels

She is on the run - in Logan's laundry basket
Hey, mom - check me out


Yes she has on my heels...this girl loves shoes!

Way to go Logan - A/B honor roll first quarter - 4th grade!

Kids were out of school for Veterans Day this week and the two older boys enjoyed a day of hiking with some friends from church. Our youth pastor took them up to the mountains for the day - thanks Lenny! Report cards came out and the boys did a great job! All honor roll! See photos of Logan's honor roll ceremony. Oh course we don't go to the celebrations in middle school and high school. Work was busy this week with lots of meetings and conferences.

Grace and Morgan Both Love to Bake

So I was throwing dinner in the crock pot and Grace sees me starting this in the kitchen so she quickly runs to the kitchen and pushes the kitchen chair up to the counter to help. She absolutly loves to help quick. Since I actually wasn't doing any cooking I asked Morgan if they wanted to bake some cookies. These two girls love cooking, so it was some great bonding time and well the cookies didn't last. They were gone before evening when the boys ate them all! Peanut butter yummm and Morgan decided to throw in some mini chocolate chips for fun!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

He Will Give You the Desires of Your Heart

A friend from work just gave me a copy of some photos she took when they had a luncheon/shower for us when we got home from China and got to meet Grace. I am overwhelmed as I look through them at one thing that stood out loud and clear....the joy on both our faces! Then I was quickened to remember this

"Pslam 37:4 - Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart".

How could I have ever doubted what I felt many years ago when God gave me this desire that 1) I was being selfish and 2) that this was too big for God to pull off.

Thank you Denise for capturing these shots that capture what my words can not.

Thank you God for the gift of Grace and the joy that abounds in our hearts for each other!

Enjoy More Shots From the Park...