Friday, August 30, 2013

These Girls are a Growing

Grace went for her annual visit to the pediatrician today. She is still my string bean. She is built just like her brother Christian. - tall and thin...around 80% for height and 50% for weight...growing like a weed. In fact she is almost 1/2 an inch taller at 5 than Olivia was at 6 but 6 pounds lighter does that tell you something? So as for Olivia - this is first time back in a year and her first full year home with us in the U.S. and she is growing too. She is still my short one, but solid as a rock! Crazy this one is built like Jonathon.  She is 50% for weight too but...10% for height. She has grown a little over 2 inches this past year and gained 9 pounds.


  1. Adorable! Happy the visits to the doctors wenet well!

  2. Dawn-
    You and your precious family are in our prayers because of Brandon.<3
    Love and Hugs,